“Torch Bearers”

“Torch Bearers”

The torch is lighted. Your source is strong and continuing. An intense flame illuminates time and space. Recognize yourself. Recognize each other as torch bearers. Part of a parade, carrying torches. A procession joining John G. Fee, J. A. R. Rogers, Sampson Gentry, Alexander Miller, Anderson White, Horace Yates, Steven Wells—a host. Held and holding. The torch is lighted, light your torch. The anvil has been struck. The metal from which you’re made is tough. Forge, hammer it into shape. Take a look at yourself. Take a look at each other —vigorous extensions of an enduring breed, banging away at life. Creating like Dave Hagans, the Dudleys, Ned Blythe, Fee, Ballots, Edward Henry Fairchild, Walker and Glenda White, William and James Hutchins. Dealing. Delivering the blows where they count. The anvil has already been struck. Strike your anvil. The missile is launched. An irrevocable course of action is charted, extends beyond our wildest dreams. Recognize yourself and recognize each other. Piercing the gloom with your dreams, fulfilling a driving force patterned after Pat Ware, Dorothy Tridinic, Lewis Smith, Emily Ann Smith, Robert Menifee, Francis Hutchins, Charles Graham, Maureen Faulkner, Julia Allen, Les and Mary Lou Pross, Father Murry. Launching forward, flinging influence around the globe. The missile is launched. Send your missile into space. The prayers have been prayed. Appeals to the Almighty are numerous. A stream of requests settling around cumulous clouds, brightening and burdening the points of of the stars. Recognize yourself. Recognize each other as partitioners, earnest, honest and true. Recall Cherry Hubbard Reasor, Polly Davis, Sadie Jones, Ernestine and Jack Coward, Francis Stephenson Hutchins, John and Jane Stephenson, Ida Neely, the Burdettes. The prayers have been prayed, imploring Him to hold us in the palm of His hand. Pray your prayer. Songs have been sung. Arrangements shared country to country. The essence of hope communicated across varied lifestyles. Recognize yourself. Recognize each other singing with Rolf Hovey; the Black Ensemble; Country Dancers; Students for Appalachia; New Opportunities School for Women; Berea freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors and seniors in the fifth year. Dedicate and rededicate. Light your torch. Hold it high. Strike your anvil. Hammer, hammer. Pray your prayer. Keep your spirits high. Launch your missile. Project a plan to guide you. Sing your song. Broadcast your claim to life. Serve. The dues are paid. Forward. Thank you.

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