Torch – re deux 3 – Collidium – how to go from demo to single in 30 days

Torch – re deux 3 – Collidium – how to go from demo to single in 30 days

G’day folks
Jules here and it is Sunday evening. And I just thought I’d give you a bit of a
summary of how today has gone with Chris reinventing the song “Torch”. So I’m gonna give you a bit of a summary of what we’ve used today, all the fun stuff; you’ll
hear a little bit of it and go from there. Hopefully we’ll have a good time.
Stay tuned. So for starters we’ve used this awesome lamp {laughs} Okay yes we have used that awesome lamp but what we’ve also used is this magnificent D12 not the
D112 , the D12. It’s an original; I brought it from Lee Cardan. Thank you Lee. I love
this mic it gives the pillow-y kick drum sound I’ve really wanted and I love. For
percussion we have been using this Earthworks TC 30. It’s been fantastic – loved it! I have no idea actually – it’s a great bloody question. {laughs} .. very pro! On drum kit, we
used, said Earthworks mic and the magnificent AKG C414 B ULS. And on
the snare we have a double miking technique which I use most of the time,
which is the Telefunken M80 on the top and the Rode NT5 on the side. So today we use a variety of
percussion instruments: including these here bongos; this cabasa … which is … that sound. Plus, these here shakers: the South African zulu ankle shaker and the
awesome brass studio shaker. Love that! Oh and over here you can see my bass
setup which you will be able to hear shortly; the Holy Fire , with a reasonable
amount of distortion on it interestingly and the ARC which we love. The bass
guitar used was this wonderful Vester 5-string which is cool. It’s the only five
string I’ve got and it is cool. Actually, we used a djembe as well. Yeay –

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  1. Thanks for the tour around the studio! Love the collection of percussion.

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