– Hey guys, how you doin’? My name is Robby, and did you guys know the
Jonas Brothers are back? – Oh, the Jonas Brothers? I love the Jonas Brothers! – Oh, my God, please
don’t break out into song. – I need to break out into song. – Oh, no, here we go. ♪ I’m hot ♪ ♪ You’re cold ♪ ♪ You go around like you know ♪ ♪ Who I am ♪ ♪ But you don’t ♪ ♪ You got me on my toes ♪ – I don’t have any toes! ♪ I’m slippin’ into the lava ♪ ♪ And I’m tryna keep from goin’ under ♪ ♪ Baby, who turned the
temperature hotter ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I’m burnin’ up, burnin’ up ♪ ♪ For you, baby ♪ – Well, what did you think? – Yeah, that was definitely something. Let’s make some crafts. (horns blowing forebodingly) So all we gotta do is
cut this guy with these. At least I hope that
these cut them. (laughing) Here we go, and one, two,
and- okay, it worked, cool. Let’s do the rest of ’em. Okay, yeah, lookin’ pretty good. Now we’re just supposed to bend these out a little bit, apparently. Not gonna lie, this looks a little scary. (violins screeching) Maybe turn these a little
bit straighter- oh, boy. Yeah, this doesn’t look like
it’ll hurt my head at all. (cymbals crashing) Then we’re gonna go and
get our hot-glue gun, put it on all the tips. Man, knocked my hot-glue gun over. Get all these little spiderwebbies out. (cymbals crashing) Okay, now let’s give
this a second to cool. Okay, here we go. Beanie’s comin’ off, let’s try this. Ah, it’s okay. Ah, it’s stuck in my hair! Ooh, that feels nice. (children cheering) Whoa, that feels pretty good. (violins screeching) Ow, ow, ow. The hot glue got stuck in my hair. Also, one of these little tips
fell off, so it scratched me. I mean, it felt pretty
good until that happened, so I guess I’m gonna have
to say that this works. (scary music and screaming) Okay, so here’s the shirt
we’re gonna be using. As you can see, it’s a classic, signed by 5-Minute Crafts himself. Shirt that I got in San Diego
for that craft convention. It was pretty awesome, but
I tried to erase it before, and it didn’t work. And now I just kinda use
it for all my crafts. Anyway- oh, no!
(cymbal crashing) I dropped my pen on my shirt. Let’s just- (groans) no! How could I be so clumsy? God, I am awful at this. Oh, no. I don’t even know what I was
trying to accomplish here. (laughing) Let’s just get some more in there. Yeah, I feel like that should do it. Let’s get our bowl of milk. And just go gonna ahead
and push that in there. Theoretically, it’ll just kinda come out. I don’t know how real- oh, my gosh! That was kinda cool, it actually
happened like how it did in the video. Let me just do that again
for you guys really quick. You guys ready for this? I don’t know if you
guys are ready for this. ‘Kay, ready, it’s actually gonna- (squirting) It actually come- oh, my gosh,
it’s actually coming off. That is kinda cool. I didn’t think that it
would work that well. And I guess we’re just
gonna- there’s still a lot on my shirt, though. Just keep doing it? How long am I supposed to
leave that in there for? Yeah, that should be good. Oh, yeah, that’s great. Not drinkin’ that anymore. Well, might as well
sop it up with the rest of the shirt, am I right? Now let’s throw this bad boy in the wash. Okay, yeah, throw that in there. Put a little Tide pod. Contrary to popular belief,
guys, these are not snacks. (whistle sliding) Small, light, okay, I’ll
see you in 20 minutes. Here we go. So I washed a little bit,
let’s see the results. Are you ready? One, two, and- (gasping) Oh, no, it didn’t work! I was never expecting this, 5-Minute Crafts has
never let me down before! Well, guys, I guess
we’re gonna have to say that this one doesn’t work. (sad music) You let me down, 5-Minute Crafts. (horror music) So here are our binders. There are so many, holy crud. So it looks like we gotta lop
some of these binders apart. So let’s just- one at a time, I suppose. First one, here we go. They made that look way too
easy, this is not that easy. Oh, my gosh. (binder tearing) Okay, one side down,
let’s do the other one. So one down, don’t need that. Bunch more to go. (swords unsheathing)
(whistle sliding) Get that outta there,
get that outta there. Okay, what do I do with the last two? Okay, so I lop all of them are- Well, it looks like you guys
aren’t gettin’ spared, either. (dramatic clanging and tearing) Aw, man, this one’s broken. Don’t need that. Here we go, woo! Okay, let’s glue all these guys together. You go onto here. You guys be good and stay together now. Here we go, it’s your guys’ turn. (cymbals crashing)
(screaming) Dang it, dang it, ouch! I knew that was gonna happen,
I knew I was gonna burn myself at some point, ow. Another one for the “Robby
burns himself” compilation, I guess, ow, that hurts actually. Just gotta finish this. Okay, I need to put this under water. (water splashing)
Okay, let’s keep goin’. Ow, my thumb. I really don’t wanna burn myself again. It’s actually so hot that
it’s melting the binder a little bit, when I do this. Oh, my God, it actually melted the binder. Okay, here we go. I need more glue. Okay, here we go, let’s
cock that, perfect. I think this might actually work, but it’s not gonna look very pretty. (violins screeching) Just burned myself again, ouch. Okay, I’m gonna go ahead
and let all this stuff cool. I’ll see you guys in a little bit. So it looks like these guys
are all cooled off, yep. They’re stayin’ together. Let’s go put these guys in a bookshelf. So here’s our shelf, I’m go
ahead and hide my soap in there. (shimmering) Perfect, now we put our binders. There we go, oh, my gosh! I would never suspect that I’m
hiding anything behind there. Well, I guess we can say it works! (man grimacing) Okay, so here’s one of my favorite Panic! At the Disco shirts. Unfortunately, it looks like
I have some holes in it. Right here, right here,
I have quite a few holes in this shirt, I wore the
heck out of this shirt. So I guess we’re just
gonna flip it inside out. Yep, you can still see the holes. We’re gonna take our tape,
just kinda, there we go. Straighten that up, we just
kinda stick it on there, just like that. Yeah, good as new.
(cheerful dinging) Flip it back out- oh,
no, we can see the white. It does look better, though, admittedly. Get our Sharpie and we just
kinda fill that in, wow. Okay, so admittedly, can still see it, but it looks a lot less
noticeable than it did before, I guess. So I guess we’re gonna have
to say that this works. (lion roaring) Okay, let’s see how good this really is. We got our pepper, we got our
whipped cream, here we go. (sad horn blaring) This does not look very appetizing at all. Okay, guys, I’m gonna
eat it, are you ready? (suspenseful music)
(chomping) I mean, I wouldn’t really recommend it. This isn’t really that great. It’s kind of a bad combination, actually. Ugh, I don’t really like it. (laughing) (horror music) (slurping) So here are our glasses. As you can see, they can get
very fogged up really easily. (blowing on glasses) Oh, yeah, it’s so fogged. I think it’s because I just
put mouthwash in my mouth, so it’s not working. Let’s try the other side.
(blowing on glasses) Dang it, why aren’t these fogging up? (blowing on glasses) Yeah, that’s gettin’ fogged, all right. Well, we don’t need that
’cause we got our soap. Just rub that soap all over there. Yeah, work that right into the lens. Here we go. (blowing on lens) Yup, that’s definitely not foggy at all. I guess part of it is
because these didn’t fog in the first place ’cause they’re plastic, but I guess we can say this
works ’cause they didn’t fog. Okay, so this is my dad’s
old shoe-shining kit. I’m pretty sure he used to
use this when he was a kid to shine his shoes- or an
adult, I don’t really know. All I know is it looks really cool, so I stole it.
(keyboard sliding) I should probably give this back to him. Anyway, the zippers aren’t very
easy to zip open and closed, so let’s go ahead and
try this, here we go. Oh, man, my Chapstick is
gonna be so gross after this. Here we go, going on
the old shoe-shining kit that’s probably older than
I am and work that in there. I mean, in a way, it is
kind of like a lubricant, so I don’t see this not working. Okay, here’s the final
test, one, two, and… (whistle sliding) Oh, wow, that is a little bit nicer. It just kinda looks a little greasy now. Okay, so that’s this side, not bad. (booing) This one’s definitely
harder to do on this side. (cheering) Well, I guess we’re gonna
have to say that this works. Well, might as well work
in to the rest of it. So here’s our wrinkly shirt. As you can see, it’s pretty
wrinkled right there. I’ve never seen such a
wrinkled shirt in my life. We’re just gonna go ahead
and get our pot of water, and I’ve never actually
ironed anything before, so this is a first for me. How do I keep this from
wrinkling back, you see that? It keeps going back to super wrinkly. Maybe if I thumbtack it down or something. Just like that, maybe. (squeaking) Yeah, that should do it, here we go. (cymbals crashing) Ah, my hand! Theoretically, this should
straighten my shirt. It kinda looks like I have
some sweaty armpits now. Whoa, it is ironing my shirt a little bit. Wow, that actually does
kinda look straighter. Is this working? I feel like it’s not really working as well as it was before,
probably ’cause it got way cold. I mean, it is a little bit straighter, but it’s not super straight,
especially when I let it go because, when I hold it
straight it becomes straight, but when I let it go it just
kinda does its own thing. I don’t know, I feel like
this one doesn’t really work. Is that straighter than this side? Uh, they kinda look the exact same. (notes descending) So I’m gonna have to say
that this doesn’t work. (buzzer) Here are our hangers,
here’s our sewing kit, the fabric we’re gonna use. Let’s go ahead and put this
off to the side for a sec and cut this to where we want it. Yeah, that seems like it’s pretty long. Let’s go ahead, and maybe
right here, let’s cut it along this way. Don’t need that anymore. Now we have ourself a
perfect little foot hammock, or the start of one, anyway. Put one right here.
(whistle sliding) Put the other one right over here. And we gotta sew this bad boy, here we go. Here’s our needle- okay, looks good. Pick out our threads. Let’s go with this orange one. Just kidding, this is brown,
I’m colorblind. (laughing) Then through the eye,
cut that, tie a knot. Oh, yeah, here we go, just
start sewin’ this bad boy. Man, this is gonna take forever. We should bring out the big boy. (heavy object clanging) If this doesn’t do it,
I don’t know what will. ‘Kay, how do I set this bad boy up? I mean, like that? I don’t really know. Okay, so how do I get this thing in here? Flip this up, maybe, and then- (groaning) I don’t know how I do this. Maybe if I plug it in it’ll work. Now we just gotta push the pedal. (button clicking fruitlessly) That’s not good. (laughing) Oh, there’s a switch on the back. You’re supposed to flip it to “on.” (tinny dinging) Oh, the little light turns
on, let’s try it now. Looks like it’s workin’ to me. Okay, so let’s try this again. This is kinda scary, I’m
gonna turn this off for now. I don’t want the needle
going down on my finger. Wait, which way does this go? Oh, my gosh, I hope this
is going the right way. Well, we’ll find out. (sewing machine whirring) I don’t think I’m doing this right. And where’d the thread go? Oh, no, I’ll be right back. Okay, so Tori showed me how to use it, so we’re gonna try this again. And we’re gonna start
this again, right here. Just real slow. (sewing machine slowly whirring) Oh, there’s a thing that’s
happening right here. What even is this? (sewing machine whirring quickly) Okay, it looks like we did it. I mean, I guess it’s not that bad. So let’s do the other side, here we go. (sewing machine whirring) Whoa, man, I am really good
at this, as you can see. Oh, man, this didn’t work at all. Okay, I’m gonna try it one more time. Sew this down. (sewing machine buzzing) Okay, now it’s not working
at all, here we go. Oh, crap, okay, so that’s broken. How do I replace the needle? Okay, so it looks like we
don’t have an extra needle, so I can’t use this thing after all. (scoffing) This thing
was such a waste of time. Well, time to do this by hand. Get our sewing kit. Actually, I don’t need this
one that I just took off, so we’re gonna use this one instead. Time to start back at square one. This is gonna take so long. There we go, just cut that off. I mean, it’s not very pretty,
but I guess it’ll work. Oh, my gosh, I just realized something. I put them each the wrong way. (cymbals crashing) Okay, we’re gonna try it out anyway. Okay, so, here it is. We’re just gonna put it like
this and, I guess, twist it because I messed up. Here we go. And we’re just gonna
put my feet right here. Oh, boy- yeah, that’s great. So I wouldn’t trust these
as a long-term solution ’cause it looks like
they’re about to break. (glass shattering)
(laughing) So I’m gonna have to say
this one doesn’t work. Woo, okay, guys, now it’s
everyone’s favorite part of the video where we
create the thumbnail! (cheering and whooping) So it looks like they just
got an eyelash curler, and then they put it on
their nose like that. And, yeah, I think that’ll do it. (camera clicking) Okay, thank you guys so
much for watchin’ the video. If you liked it, make sure
you all thumbs up (mumbles), (mumbles) right down there. If you guys wanna watch me doing more fun five-minute crafts, I have
a whole playlist (mumbles) me doing them right here. If you guys are new, make sure
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you can click right here and down in the description down below. Okay, guys, I love you so much, and I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love, and WiFi. (mumbles), okay, bye.

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