– Hi guys, how are you
doing? My name is Robby, and today, we’re gonna opening
up a can of life hacks. Oh, man, I’m really no match for these! You guys are gonna love
them, they’re very shocking! (funny music) Let’s just do some life hacks. (guitar music) Okay, guys, so here is our trusty drill. Here is our sand paper. Let’s just go ahead
and cut it to fit this. Looks good! Well, maybe a little bit smaller. (Light, rhythmic music) Cool, cool, that is just about perfect. I should’ve used different
colored sand paper for this. And, we’re just gonna
get our hot glue gun. (sarcastically) Oh boy, I
can’t wait to mess up my drill! There we go, maybe I’ve got to put a little bit of overlap here. Yeah, that ought to do it. Ouch, ouch, ouch! Put that on there… Ah, who knew that hot
glue could be so hot? Ouch! Okay, cool, yeah, it looks good. It still spins, so that’s a good thing. So, apparently, we can
sharpen knives with this, so, I’m going to go ahead
and sharpen this knife. If you guys have been watching awhile, you guys know that this knife is kind of near and dear to me because my buddy Rusty was trying to sharpen it, and he ended up cutting
off two of his fingers. So, now I call him ‘Eight-Finger McGee.’ Ah, good times, good times. Anyway, so, we’re going to see how sharp it is based on, you know, this paper, the paper test. Okay, not bad. It’s a little rough, I don’t
know if you can see that, but it’s kind of a little
bit of a dirty cut. It’s not the best, not the cleanest cut. Do it a couple more times. Yeah, that’s very dirty. That’s a pretty dirty cut right there. Oh, that’s even worse. Not bad… Yeah, but as you can see,
it’s just very scraggly. Anyway, let’s try and
sharpen this bad boy, and let’s not end up like my buddy, Rusty. Okay, this side looks good,
let’s do the other side. Okay, wow, this actually feels duller. So, let’s try it, you ready? That’s not even cutting at all. Oh, no, that’s awful! This is terrible, this is the worst knife sharpener I’ve ever used. So, I’m going to go ahead and say that this one doesn’t work. (yelling) Why do you let me
down, Five Minute Crafts? (screams) Sorry, I lost my cool
there for a sec, guys. (guitar music) Okay, guys, so, I’m outside. Please ignore the wind and
also my dog’s pooping area. Anyway, so, here’s my hair before. I actually bleach it, so I have some pretty dark roots, I don’t know if you guys can see that. Here’s the before. Okay, now it’s time to
put some Coke in my hair. Let’s hope that this
doesn’t attract any bees. Oh my God, why does this
always happen to me? Okay, here we go. Oh, it’s so cold, oh my gosh! Why did I use cold Coke? I feel like this is
really bad for my hair. It’s so sticky! Okay, my hair is drenched in Coke now, so I’m going to go ahead and sit out here for one hour, and we’ll
see how this turns out. So, at about 4:15, we’re
going to check back. I’ll see you guys then. Okay, guys, so, it’s
been a little bit over a half an hour, and,
honestly, this is awful. I’m just sitting in the sun with a bunch of Coke in my hair. I’m all sticky, and I’m hot, and I think I’m getting sunburned, and this is awful, I hope
you guys really enjoy this. Okay, guys, it’s been about an hour. I’m going to go wash my hair off. So far, I can’t really tell. I think it looks a little bit lighter. We’ll just go ahead and compare it when my hair is dry, I guess. Okay, so, I took a shower. My hair is dry, and I’m
going to have to say that my hair does kind of look a little bit lighter to me. I don’t know, I can’t really… I can’t tell 100%, it was already kind of really light, but I feel like, now, it’s almost, like, white. So, I’m personally going to have to say that this one works. (calm music) Okay, guys, so, here’s our 9-volt. It’s an off-brand 9-volt, who cares? It’s good enough, right? So, we’ll just put it there, and we get our pencil lead. I actually have to open this still, oops. (ripping package) And, we get our pencil lead, pop that off. Now, apparently, we just put
the pencil lead right there. If it stays on… Just right there, and
then we put our match, and, theoretically, it should light. (drum roll) (sound of an audience saying “aww”) It’s not lighting, I
wonder what’s up with that. Maybe it needs to be shorter? (drum roll) (sound of an audience saying “aww”) Ahh, ooh, this pencil lead is kind of hot. (drum roll) (failure music) It’s not working, maybe I
need a stronger battery. I’ll be right back. Okay, so, we’re back, and here is a name brand Duracell
battery, maybe that’ll work. Put that there, then
we just put this here. Oh, I think the hardest part about this is making the lead stay. Ah! Why is this so hard? (drum roll) Oh, it’s actually, oh my God, it’s actually doing something. It lit on fire, woo! Well, guys, I guess we can
say that this one works! You just have to use, like, name brand batteries,
otherwise it won’t work. Well, figured that out! So, here’s another fun hack, guys, just in case you guys have
steel wool laying around and you have one of these batteries, you can actually do this, and, look, it’ll actually
start lighting on fire. I don’t know if you guys can see that. Look how cool that is, I learned this one in the Boy Scouts. See, and it’s still going, it’s like a chain reaction. It’s actually very flammable, and this smells disgusting, so… I don’t know, cool trick, I just don’t know how to put it out now. Well, yeah, anyway, I
like that trick better. (calm music) Okay, guys, so, here’s our battery, here’s our tin foil. I’m just going to cut the square pieces of it really quick. Okay, here we go, so, apparently, they just put it on here like that, and they put the other side… I’m going to get some
tape to make it stay. Tape right there, and then
they got the cotton ball. Put it on the bottom like that… Is it going to light on
fire, is it going to do it? I think it has to touch the positive a little bit more. Oh, oh, oh, I saw smoke for a second. Ah, dang it, just going to
re-tape that a little bit. There we go, I’m a
little scared right now. Come on, just do it, do it, do it, do it, you can do it, come on! Ah, we got it, woo, we did it! It’s actually lighting on fire! Well, guys, I guess we can say that this one works! Oh my God, oh my God, ah! It’s not going out. Okay, we’re safe, we’re good, we’re good. (calm music) Okay, so, here are our batteries. This one’s dead, this one’s alive. Apparently, if we just drop them, the live one will stand up straight and the dead one will
just fall on its face, so, let’s do this, one, two, and… They’re both, this is literally brand new. Okay, one, two, and… No, one, two, and… This one’s dead. Hang on, we’ll try this again, ready, one, two, and… Nope. That one’s dead! It’s freaking dead! Let’s see if it works with 9-volts. This one’s dead, this one’s brand new. Ready, one, two, and… Nope, they both fell. One, two, and… Nope. So, obviously, this doesn’t work. This straight up doesn’t work. Okay, guys, well, I guess
I’m going to have to say that this one doesn’t work. (guitar music) Okay, guys, so, here’s my
1,000,000 subscriber plaque. Let’s just go ahead and flip that over. We just get our piece of
paper, get our sharpie, just kind of feel where
the holes are, I guess. Just go like that, and one like that. Okay, cool, now we know
where the holes are. Let’s try this. The wall that I’m going
to be hanging it up on… I’m just going to go
ahead, put it right here, one thumb tack right here,
another one right here. Okay, it looks good, and then apparently, we just tear this away, hang it up! Wow, well, guys, I guess we can say that this one, oh… Well, guys, I guess we can
say that this one works! (calm music) (squishing sounds) (squeaking) – [Sound Effect Voice] Wow! Okay, so, first, we’re going
to get our spray bottle, and we’re going to get our bottle of Coke. (foreboding music) No, no, no, no, no! Okay, cool, it didn’t explode, sweet. Oh, no! Okay, good enough. And, we’re just going to take this off and then just screw it right on there. Perfect! Oh, it’s already spraying at me because it’s kind of fizzing up. Oh, no, my desk is going
to be so sticky after this. Okay, well, I guess let’s go
test this out on my mirror before it gets everywhere, I guess. Okay, here’s our mirror,
here’s our spray bottle. I do have some streaks on here, I don’t know if you guys can see. Oh, it’s really bad down here, so, we’ll just, oh my gosh, I didn’t even have to spray it! It’s just going crazy! I don’t even have to try. Apparently, this is supposed to leave me with no streaks. I don’t know how well this is realistically going to work. Uh, okay! Now I just get my paper towel… (swishing) Yeah, I don’t know about this one. (swishing) This is looking a lot
dirtier than it was before. It’s kind of just really
foggy looking now. Oh, that’s awful. I don’t know, it’s just not really good. Yeah, that’s not good at all. I don’t know if you guys can see that. That’s not very good. So, I’m going to go ahead and say that this one doesn’t work. (guitar music) Okay, so, here is my water boiler. I’ve had this for a while. As you guys can see,
there’s quite a bit of lime stain in there. So, yeah, that’s kind of bad. So, we’re going to go ahead and get our Coca-Cola, open that
up, dump that in there. I really hope that this doesn’t break it. And another! (glugging) Mmm, tasty! I’m not sponsored by Coke, by the way. So, then we’re just
going to close that up, then we’re going to go
ahead and let it boil. I’ll see you guys when it’s done. Okay, guys, this is all boiled. Uh, let’s go dump this out. Oh, man, that’s so steamy. Okay, let’s do this. Okay, so, I have to admit that this smells a little weird. Anyway, let’s go ahead
and just dump that out. Hmm, it’s not looking too bad. Put more water in there, maybe swish it around a little bit. There we go, okay! Yeah, so, it doesn’t look like all of the lime stain got removed, but it looks like a lot of it did, so, I’m going to go ahead and say that this one kind of works. I’m sure if I did it another
two or three more times, it would look a lot better, so, yeah. (calm music) Okay, so, here are our matches. I got them everywhere,
that’s just great, Robby. For this one, we really
only need a couple, so I’m going to go ahead and get my trusty X-Acto knife,
and we’re just going to make little slits in it
just like this, apparently. Oops, just broke that one, oops. Maybe try again, little
tiny slits, just like that. Okay, so, here’s our slitted match, and here’s our not-slitted match. Let’s just go ahead and
light these puppies. Okay, so, they’re lit, now, apparently, if I blow on them, this one won’t go out. You ready? One, two, and… Oh, wow, that actually worked! I mean, it worked as well as it could. That’s not bad. Well, guys, I guess we’re going to have to say that this one works! (calm music) Okay, guys, so, here’s our 9-volt. I actually don’t have
those weird wire things, but I do have paper clips, so, I’m hoping that this
will do the same thing. So, apparently, we’re
just going to do this. I’m going to try and wrap it around the battery terminal
and see if that works. Right in there, there we go, just going to straighten
that up a little bit. Now, I’m goin to try the other side. There we go. Okay, I can’t seem to
get this one to stick, so, I’m just going to go ahead and hot glue it on, just like what they did. I’m sure this will work, right? I don’t know, I really hope it does, because that would be cool. Okay, we’ve got that side. Yeah, I don’t know how well
this is going to stay on. Then we’ll do this side, there we go. Yeah, looks good, we’ll just let that dry for a little bit. Okay, so, the glue has dried,
let’s go ahead and try this. There we go, just got to
connect them at the tip… Yeah, I don’t know, this
isn’t really working. The battery’s getting
freaking hot, though. It’s getting very hot. I hope it doesn’t explode, actually. So, we have them connected, and it doesn’t seem to be
burning the wood at all. Maybe it’ll light this
cotton ball on fire. Let’s try it. (failure music) It’s getting really hot,
but nothing’s happening. Ooh, is this going to light on fire? Oh my gosh, it got so hot that it actually melted the hot glue off. My goodness, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! These aren’t very hot at all, but the battery is very hot, like, I can barely hold this. Maybe if I did that? Just barely touch them… Come on. Ooh, that’s so hot! Yeah, I can’t even touch
this anymore, ouch! Okay, guys, I’m going to have to say that this might work, but it doesn’t work with paperclips, so, I
guess I’m just going to have to try this hack again later. I feel so silly for thinking it would work with paperclips, oh well. (calm music) Okay, guys, so, here are our matches. All we’ve got to do is light
these on fire really quick. Oh, man, oops, we only need a few, really. I’m just going to go ahead and… Oh, that’s one. Yeah, that ought to do it. Now we’re just going to get our magnet, and maybe these will stick. They going to stick? Uh, well, this is awkward,
they’re not sticking. Why isn’t this magnet sticking? In the video, they actually rubbed the tip of the match with the magnet, so, maybe that does something. I don’t really know, so
I’m going to do that first, and then light that on fire, okay. Maybe this is going to do something. You ready? (drum roll) Nope. (failure music) It’s not even, like, picking up the little parts of it. Yeah, that’s not working at all, so, I’m going to go ahead and say that this one doesn’t work. I don’t know why this doesn’t work. This straight up just doesn’t work. (calm music) Okay, so, here are our matches. We’re just going to go ahead and dump all of these out,
and then apparently, we just kind of cut this off like this, and this like this, and then cut all the sides on these guys, that’s one, two, boop. They cut all the sides,
and then after that, they flipped these in like this, just like that, and then in like that. I think they push this in like this. I don’t really understand
the point of this hack. Like, the strike-on box, it works fine. Why am I doing this? This makes no sense. I know for a fact if you
flip it in like this, it’ll do it, I honestly
just don’t see the point in ruining a perfectly good match box. This is so pointless. Okay, I’m just going to go ahead and say that this one, this hack
just kind of isn’t very good, so, just ignore this whole hack. (calm music) Okay, guys, so, here’s
a knife that I bought, but I can’t open it because, you know, it’s covered in plastic, so I need a knife to open my knife, because
that’s real logic right there. So, we’re just going to go ahead and break out our can opener, which, I guess is also a knife opener at this point. Put this on there, and then
we’re just going to do this! Oh, man, this is a good way to get cut. More, like, on the side… Oh, is it opening? I think it might be. Oh my gosh, it actually
made a cut in this! Okay, maybe we’ll try it
the other way, this way? I mean, it’s kind of working. It’s not working, really, as well as it says that it does, but, I mean, it is kind of working. I’m just going to kind of try and can open the same part
over and over again. I don’t know, maybe that will open it. (intense music) (failure music) Did that do anything? Dang, it’s still not opening. I don’t know what happened on this side. It kind of opened, maybe I’ll
try it again on this side. (intense music) Is that doing it? (intense music) Did that work? Okay, yeah, this doesn’t look
like it’s really working. So, I’m going to go ahead and say that this one doesn’t work. Okay, guys, so, it’s everyone’s favorite part of the video, where
we recreate the thumbnail. Woo! (audience cheering) So, it looks like they got some matches, and they got a balloon, and they just kind of took a bunch out, and then lined them up just like that. (popping) (triumphant music) Yeah, that looks good. Now we’re just going to
put them all together, just like that, and we’re going to shove it into the
balloon, and there we go. Yeah, that ought to do it! Woo, okay, guys, thanks so
much for watching the video. If you liked it, make sure
to give it a thumbs up. It looks like this, find
it right down there. If you guys want to watch me doing more fun life hacks, I have a whole playlist dedicated to me doing them right here. If you guys are new, make sure to hit that subscribe button. If you guys want this shirt,
or any of my other merch, you can click right here, or down in the description down below. Okay, guys, I love you so much. I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love, and wi-fi. Okay, bye, ah!

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