– That’s what they look like. – Oh, they feel so weird.
– I know. – Like jiggles. (both gasp disgustedly) What’s up, it’s Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday vlog. Now in moment, Devan
is gonna be joining me but he can’t right now because
I sent Devan on a mission. I sent Devan all the way
to Japan for one reason and that reason is to get
Japanese candy for us to test. So right now, everyone please,
all the way from Japan, I’m about to make him teleport, my little brother, Devan Key. – [Both] Hey! – Welcome home, bro! – I missed you. – I missed you too. My arm just kinda went crazy there. – I know right. – All right, cool, well Devan, do you have the candy with you? – I have all of this candy. – Well he wasn’t out there for
the only reason to get candy. – Yeah, no.
– He was actually out there for a trip, but he actually got
candy while he was out there and I have no idea what he got. So in a minute, we’re gonna
be tasting this stuff, reacting to it, it’s… Yeah, I have no idea. You said you got some pretty weird stuff. – I got some pretty weird stuff. I’m pretty excited (laughs). – And also, yeah, if you guys are excited for another sibling video,
another video with Devan, let us know by liking this
video and comment down below. What is your favorite sibling video that we’ve ever done
before on this channel? I wanted to let you guys
know that for Father’s Day, Devan and I have
partnered with Best Fiends and basically, if you
guys download this app, and if you guys play
it on Sunday June 19th, which is Father’s Day,
you will get a free gift. So Devan, what do they have to know? (laughs) Bro, you had one job. Okay, let’s try this again (laughs). Devan, what do they have to do? – No, I can’t talk right now. I just got to level nine. – Bro!
– Come on. Oh, like right now? – Yes, right now. – Oh, okay.
– Okay, yeah yeah yeah please. – The download link is
in the description below, so make sure you go download it. It’s free, so might as well and I’m just gonna take my phone back. – Nope, I’m taking this back. – For real?
– Yes. Introduce the video, go for it. How do you want to start the video? – Okay, let’s jump into trying
out these Japanese candies. – How are we gonna jump into it, bro? (yells) – Okay, now that I have
all of my tourist gear off, let’s jump in to the first candy. Bam!
– (laughs) What? – That’s what it is, right! – It looks like a turd. Let’s do it.
– (laughs) I am super interested to find
out what this tastes like. – What if it literally is
just a turd, but in Japan it’s like a delicacy?
– I don’t think it can be. (groans disgustedly) – It kinda smells.
– Tastes like… All right, ready? – Yup, hold up. – Whoa! Whoa! (hums satisfyingly) What the heck? – Mm. – Whoa, okay. (laughs) Chubby bunny. – Chubby bunny. – Chubby bunny. – Chubby bunny. – Chubby bunny. (screams) – All right, so the first
one, Devan good job. It was like Styrofoam on the inside. – I know.
– But like tasty Styrofoam. – I had no idea what that was gonna be and it was surprisingly good. – Yes, A plus for the turd candy (laughs). All right cool, let’s try the next one. – All right, let’s do it. Bam, bam, hu-bam! (robotic sound effects) (laughs) – I’m not gonna edit that at all. It’s just gonna look like
just how you just did it. – That’s like these two little cats. – Are they edible? – Yeah. – Oh my gosh. – And they have little bells on them, so I don’t know if that’s
edible or not, but… – We’ll eat them, I don’t care. – What? A metal bell? – I mean, nevermind, that’s weird. – What’s all this stuff? – Instructions? – I don’t know, maybe. – Do not eat. I’m gonna go for the hand first. Mm. (hums curiously) It’s like just straight sugar. – No, that’s too sugary. – Another sugar overload. – You’re gonna eat the
whole thing (chuckles)? (hums agreeably) Why? I feel like you could
just eat one ear a day. – It’s good though. – It’s pretty good. Mine’s a little bald. (both laugh) Time for the next one. – Yeah, that was just straight sugar. – Next one, is this little sushi thing. – Aw. – I know right?
– So cute. It looks super plastic though. – It does. – Do you only have one of them? – I only have one. Go for it. – Little bit of sushi. – (laughs) Is that a candy? – This is just a plastic
sushi thing (laughs loudly). Look at this! It’s got like a little… It’s like a little plastic
thing you put together. – I can’t believe I did that.
– That’s going in the trash. My tooth hurts a little bit too from that. I was biting really hard. – I can’t believe I did that. – I know. – All right, so next,
we have these little, circular things that
almost looks like Tex-Mex. (grunts) – Let’s get an instant replay on that. (grunts) Are you sure this is a candy? – I bought it at a candy store. They taste like the Tex-Mex stuff. – After the amount of sugar I just had, this does not taste good. Can I spit it out now? – Go for it.
– Okay. – Okay, this one is a hit or miss. That’s what they look like. I have no idea (chuckles) if these are gonna taste good or not, so let’s find out. – Oh, they feel so weird.
– I know. – Oh. – Yo! (both gasp disgustingly) – It like jiggles. – Oh it does feel weirder than I expected. – Oh it feels super weird. Cheers.
– Cheers. – This better be a bug or something, bro. – Oh, I hope it’s not. – Oh man. I don’t like it at all. – Uh uh. – That was not good. – That was terrible. – It was like everything was– (gags) Sorry, got a chunk stuck in my throat. It’s hard when you bite it, but on this inside there’s some… What is this? (yells disgustedly) That was a major loss. – That was really gross. – Okay, let’s do another one. – All right, let’s do it. (both yell) These I got for a very special reason, because they look like little pillows. – Hey!
– They’re so cute. – They’re so cute. – I want to kinda just sleep on these, but I couldn’t, so… I’m assuming it’s gonna taste like mints and I’m hoping it tastes like mints. – Give it, these actually look… I’m so excited for these.
– These look really good. – I’m so excited.
– They’re like… – Mm. – Is it good? That’s pretty good. – Can’t bite into it. – Ow (laughs). – (laughs) That was Devan’s
tooth you just heard break. – They taste pretty good. (hums agreeably) – They’re not a perfect 10. They’re on the six and
a half to seven range. – But they’re not super sugary, so they’re kind of an acquired taste, which is good. All right, jumping on into the next one. – (laughs) What was that? – It’s kind of a mystery box. – Yeah. – I actually don’t even
know what’s inside of it. So we’re going to find this out together. Yay.
– Yay. – Yay.
– Yay. (grumble disgusted) Oh my gosh. – They’re little faces.
– You’re right! I’m gonna take a little photo
and insert it right over here, so you guys can see what
we’re talking about. That’s from my SnapChat by the way. All right, here we go, cheers. – Time to eat it. Oh wait, no no no. – Make them kiss, make them kiss? – Yeah, make them kiss. (sighs adoringly) – Aw, so cute, okay, eat them. – Oh! – Oh, there’s something inside! There’s something inside of it! – No! – I’m gonna power through this other half. – What? Why? – Note to self, do not
eat another person’s face. That was gross. I am not a fan.
– (groans) I need to rinse out my mouth. – All right, I’ll be right back too. – (gasps) Was it bad. These ones are actually kinda promising. – Okay. – So, yeah. – Oh, the little cute– – I know right?
– Balls (laughs). – I guess so. – Okay. – So these are almost like, what are those Halloween candies that– – Balls.
– No no (laughs). – Whoppers? – Whoppers, these are like Whoppers. – Okay. It tastes like cereal
that’s been sitting soggy in a bowl for like 20 minutes. – There’s like some
chocolate in the middle. It’s like a reverse Whopper. – I like these, they’re very good. – They’re really good. – Two thumbs up. – (laughs) Two thumbs up. Next up, we got the little
brother to the big turds. They really do, they
look like little ones. – They smell exactly the
same as the big turds, just smaller. – Yeah, I’m not excited for this. – I’m not either, let’s
take a turd and try it. Nope, they’re a little bit different. Their insides are crunchier,
but I don’t like it. – Oh, no! No, no, uh uh. I need to wash my mouth again. – Yeah these are worse.
– Terrible. – I need a cloud pillow
to help out my taste buds. – Yeah, a cloud pillow.
– Take a cloud pillow. – A cloud pillow. Ow! – Did you bite it? – I did. – You’re an idiot, bro! (laughs) Why would you do that? Is this the last one? – This is the last one. – I hope you saved the best for last. – I did actually. This one I have actually tried. I literally bought this,
ate the whole package, and then went back the
next day so I could have it for the flight.
– No way! Okay, yo! You had these, I was so jealous. (hums satisfyingly) – They’re so good. – Oh my gosh.
– Right, right? Really good. – Oh my gosh. It’s like gum that you chew, but it slowly dissolves but
it has so much more flavor. Wow!
– I tried all the flavors. – Wow, that was a good one. – That’s a good one to end on. – That was a (hums satisfyingly)– (laughs) Is that how
you do it, I don’t know. Dab, all right (laughs) if
you guys enjoyed this video, let’s us know by giving a big– – [Both] Thumbs up. – Comment down below, what’s
another place in the world we should try candy from and also where you live.
– And maybe I’ll travel there. – Yeah maybe Dev will travel there specifically to pick up candy.
– Just to pick up candy. – Again, if you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to this channel. Love you all so much, bye! (snaps)

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