Twin House Tour! Ethan and Helena’s Crib | HiHo Cribs | HiHo Kids

Twin House Tour! Ethan and Helena’s Crib | HiHo Cribs | HiHo Kids

(calming electronic music) – [Both] Welcome, welcome, to our crib. – My name is Helena. – My name’s Ethan. – [Both] Let’s get started. – To our crib. (upbeat electronic music) – When you go first to
our house, you see a piano and some pictures. (upbeat electronic music) – This is me, that’s Helena. I look like a squash. – [Helena] Person. – And this is our beautiful piano. (offkey piano playing) – Get off. (clapping) (offkey playing) – [Helena] Hey, hey, hey, hey. – It could use a lots of practice. – This is our living room. (electronic music) – [Both] (singing) Dun da dun! – That’s where we built 10
– Our forts – forts and do our martial arts. – We do Japanese, it’s a
Japanese or Asian martial arts. And it’s called Han Mu Do. – Yeah. My dad and mom say it wrong. – [Both] (yell) – Ow, ow, ow, ow.
– That’s hey. – Oh, Oh, I wanted to show
you our time-out room. – [Crew] Ooh. – Here’s our (unintelligible)
time-out room. (upbeat electronic music) – Where my sisters usually
get a big time-out. – Yup. – Sometimes I hurt my sisters.
– Really bad. – Because they earn it. – And then my mama always says, “Treat the person the
way you wanna be treated or you’ll get big karma.” – Yup. If he punch me, I’ll punch him. That’s karma. – That hurts. – That’s karma. – [Crew] Guys , time to have time out. – [Both] (yell) – [Both] Let’s move on
to the rest of the tour. – Welcome to our hammock. – So this is where we relax, chill out, and watch my computer
because I have grown-up shows that I can – [Crew] Yeah, like what grown-up shows? – Fast and Furious. – Oh yeah. – That’s one of our
favorite grown-up shows. (yelling) – I rolled over. Moving on. – [Both] To the kitchen. (electronic music) – This is where my mom files stuff. – I dunno.
– Let’s see. Taxes. Mommy says “it’s nonya”… None of your beeswax! And when we go to the grocery stores, they buy bananas, so many bananas, that we play games with them. In sheriffs, these are the bananas. (Ethan imitating gun sounds) – Bananas. – At least I got Nutella. (subtle beats) – I usually hide here and eat
Nutella with the lights off. – [Crew] With the lights off? – Yeah that way she doesn’t,
they don’t know that– – Now they know my secret hiding place. – [Both] Time to go upstairs. – And welcome to the Oscars.
– Hello. – There’s one, two,
three, yeah, who counts? (upbeat music) – Welcome to my room! (upbeat music) – These are my stuffed animals that I like to sleep
with and relax with them. This is my desk. See? It takes time. Work! – Let’s go to my room. It’s more better. (upbeat music) – Here’s my room. (unintelligible) They creep me out. That’s why I gave all my
dolls to Valerie and Danielle. One day I really wanna go to Paris. I got the Paris picture and over here where I keep my artwork. Which one is your favorite? – [Ethan] That one. – Which one? I knew it. – You wanna see where the monsters are? – You wanna see where the monsters are? – [Crew] You guys have monsters? – Yeah, two little ones. (upbeat music) – [Ethan] There’s the monsters. – This is Danielle. This is Valerie. This is her bed. This is her bed, the messy bed. They never stop. Let’s get outta here! – We were not exaggerating,
they’re big monsters, scary and they’re coming! Run! Let’s go back downstairs. – Yeah, one more room to look. Welcome to my mom’s room. (upbeat music) – Hello. – What are you doing? – Not finding (unintelligible) – Momma, do you like our videos? – I love your videos. – I love you too. – Say hello, destroyer machine. Hello! Oh, let me try! Work. (shredder) – Thumbs up, destroyer! Bye and hope you have a
great and wonderful day and thank you for watching our tour. – Goodbye. – Adios. Bye, see ya. (upbeat music) – [Ethan] Lots of hugs! (mumbling)

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  1. Alright, I've checked the comments and, if no one else has asked, lemme do the honors: What is the purpose of this series? To make us poor daddies feel jealous, or to broadcast all the goodies in the house to random suspicious robbers? I mean, I wouldn't like to have MY house shown to the world like this…

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  66. I love Ethan with my entire being. He’s so freaking precious and I wish he was my little brother

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