UNLIMITED POWER!! | Factorio Gameplay #9

UNLIMITED POWER!! | Factorio Gameplay #9

We need LUBE! Hello Everybody! My name is Markiplier and welcome back to Factorio Hi Bob! Bob: What’s up everybody Hi. Okay! so we made a lot of changes since the last episode We’re gonna go over them real quickly. First! Bob has a big area up top to show off It’s pretty amazing Bob: oh yeah. Mark: yeah Bob: check out my enormous PENIS! g- ahh… Guns *mark laughs*, I mean guns… Same thing, really. I mean, also you made the coal changes But also we defended this area, even though those guns don’t have any bullets Which is a problem *giggle* But that’s plenty of defense because If we notice on the map the pollution is JUST! Just starting to TICKLE THE NOSE HAIRS Of that encampment up – hm – to the north So we don’t wanna mess with them just yet So we wanna protected when they start attacking We’re still a ways away from the uhh.., Bob: We’re especially not showing the pollution. That’s concerning Oh. Well it’s tickling them. And also we got coal going to the others so copper’s now fully automated Uhh….This other…The steel production is now automated almost fully because coal still needs because Cole still needs to go to the
other one to go to the other one. Um… I could probably fix that. I think I know how to fix that. I can probably fix that I think I think
I know how to fix it it just needs a smart inserter only
picking out coal and putting it on the It just needs a smart inserter only picking out coal and putting it on the ends of a… ends of the steel furnaces the steel furnaces. Oh no wait, there’s no grabby into that. So, it would have to… oh no way there’s no gravity in to that
so it would have to ah that’s a good question that’s a
puzzle *Markinoise* That’s a good question. That’s a puzzle. Ahh that’s a puzzle. I dont wanna- that’s a part of what you’re talking
about smart advance I just getting the Bob: I don’t know what you’re talking about smarty pants. I was just getting the steel furnaces some coal, but that’s besides the point! the steel furnishes some cold but that’s
beside haha i’m getting a steel furnace Bob: Oh I’m getting the steel furnaces coal. Don’t you worry 😉 is called don’t you worry yeah okay also
I’m gonna research construction robots Yeah. Okay, uh also I’m gonna research construction robots because we just got logistics robots done so because we just got logistics robots
done so we can build logistics robots we can build logistics robots! Somehow. somehow do that Bob: Nice! Do that. I don’t know how to do that. Also I fixed the power system. I got a new power system going over I don’t know how to do that also i fix
the power system I got a new power system going over here
basically they just play hopscotch with here. Basically they just play hop scotch with the coal so that they always get coal in the boilers as is a call so that they always get coal in
the boilers as is needed and then they needed and then they produce enough power as is needed. So that’s that, but that’s not important produce enough power as is needed so that’s that but that’s not important
because right now we need all these are because RIGHT NOW, we need…Oh. All of these are about to run out of fuel. about to run all Bob: Oh! Mark?! mark hi logistics robots logistics
robots are in crafting uh also there’s Haaah?? Bob: Logistics robots are in crafting, but also there’s something called a robo port. something called a robo port a robo port
how I area 50 by 50 construct of all I’m A robo port? Bob: Supply area 50 x 50 contruc-uhh… 45 advanced circuits?! WHAT THE HELL?!! 45 advanced circuits what is his career
hockey *Laughter* Jesus Christ! Aaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuugh! we’re gonna have to up our everything
game i think we need we need things Bob: We’re going to have to up our everything game I think. We need things making advanced circuits for us. They take three ingredients. making advanced circuits for us they take three ingredients they take a
regular electronic circuits plastic bar They take a regular electronic circuit, plastic bar, copper cable… copper cable hot tits HOT TITS :3 oh and that we’re not just gonna be so
pretty UGGH! That’s going to- Bob: *Inaudible*…Is gonna be so easy! okay but that’s fine because that’s fine
we make a flying robot frame Okay, but that’s fine because, that’s fine. How do we make a flying robot frame? not even the slightest idea oh god its
intermediate products it requires Bob: Not even the slightest idea. Oh God, it’s an intermediate product. It requires electric engine, batteries, steel plate, electronic circ- electric engine battery steel plate
electronic search it requires so much IT REQUIRES SO MUCH! *Markinoises* Bob: Of course it does. how do we do that we need lube How do we do that? We need lube! we need lube and lube and that’s still
like I remember that joke you made like WE NEED LUUUUUBE!!!!!!! *Bob chuckles* Mark: LUUUUUUUUUUBE!!!!!!!!! Bob: And lube? AND LUUUUUBE!!!!!!!!! That’s still like… I remember that joke you made. Like Quaker Stake and LUUUBE!! quaker steak and lube but but but I don’t know how to make a
clue AND LUUUUUUBE!!!!!!! But I don’t know how to make luuube. Oh wait, we can make lube outta heavy oil so it’s already right here. oh wait we can make a clue about a heavy
oil so it’s already right here Oh, so I just changed ov…over the heavy oil to instead of solid fuel now it’s doing… oh so i just changed orbit over the
heavy oil to instead of solid fuel now it’s doing Ummm…ahhhhh lube! lube okay sounds good Ok so that’s good! So were makin lube up Bob: Yeah, it’s doing lube stuff. Alright! we’re making a loop ask you and lube
stuff alright ruling it all up Lllluuubing it all up. Ok so that’s good! Bob: for all that butt sex later! ok so that’s that let’s sex later wait
what Wait, what? Bob: Nothin, nothin. nothing nothing I I distinctly heard the
word butt sex Ah I- I distinctly heard the word butt sex I it’s not know oh I forgot this isn’t a
solid thing so now i need to pipe it out Bob: I… it’s not… Bob: No Oh! I forgot this isn’t a solid thing so now I need to pipe it outta here we need t- we need a storage tank. of here we need to we need a storage tank Bob
your storage tank man we need storage BOB! Your storage tank man. We need to storage tank this shit tank this shit I’m storage tank man you were doing all
the storage tank before I guess that’s Bob: I’m storage tank man? You were doing all the storage tank before. Bob: I guess that’s fair enough. I..I..I that’s- that’s true and everything fair enough i had that’s that’s true and
everything I..I can’t pull it out so it needs to be I mean I can’t pull it out so it needs
to be in it we need to somehow get this I ne.. we need to somehow find out how to get this lube in our bodies so that we can carry it somewhere else. lube into our bodies so that we can
carry it somewhere else Bob: Hmm…hmm…hm mhm it’s very scientific but I don’t
know how to do that so I’m assuming he It’s very scientific. But I don’t know how to do that So I’m assuming- Bob: Alright, I coal supplied the furnaces. Finally, took me a while. died I call supplied the steel furnaces
finally took me a while Ok, good okay good but apparently like how do we
get this But apparently… like how do we get this.. ho- what do we do with lube… that we can make it… huh? what do we do with lube that we can make
it huh so we have to pipe it don’t we yeah he
was a liquid manage it Bob: So we have to pipe it, don’t we? Yeah, but… Bob: Don’t we need to… liquid manage it? yeah but pipe it to where and how do we Yeah but pipe it to where and how do we… I can’t pull it outta the thing it’s just there… I can’t pull it out of the thing it’s
just there so how do we craft with it if So… How do we craft with it if we need luuuuube? we need lube Bob: So flying robot frame..Oh so we need and empty barrel. Intermediate product, empty barrel? And then so flying robot frame so we need em
geral intermediate product empty barrel and then fill it with aa stuff fill it with *Mark comes to realization* stuff maybe? Where is flying robot frame? oh we’re here yes friend oh god yeah
it’s all the way on the right it needs Oh God! Yeah it’s all the way on the right. It needs electric engines and electric engines. You need luuuube, electric engine and electric engines you
need lube lot of shit lot of shit and we lot of shit. Lot of shit going on. need self uric acid which I don’t know
how to get that Bob: We need sulfuric acid which I don’t know how to get that. Oh my God! These, like the engine units cannot be crafted by hand. So you need an assembly oh my god these like the engine units
cannot be crafted in in your by hand so you need an assembly machine to make
them machine to make them. WHAT THE FUUCK?! *Laughter* wha uh-huh why what did we Bob: Why? What did we, what did we do Mark? what did we do mar what if we walk into
this is horrifying What did we walk into? This is horrifying! Oooh my God!! oh my god but we can do it But we can do it. Maybe. it may be to get gates I want to build a
gate Bob: I don’t want to get gates. I want to build a gate. That’s what I want to build. That’s simple. that’s what I want to build a simple I
was gay I’m gonna do a gate. I don’t know I don’t handle Kate I don’t
know I don’t know I don’t know I can handle a gate. I don’t know! I don’t kNoW! i DoN’t KnOw!!!! oh my gosh mark we could research
railway don’t be so useful Bob: Oh my gosh Mark we could research a railway! That would be so useful probably… probably ok Oh sh oh that allows gates
are time researching military – I’m Okay. Oh shit! Bob: Oh! Oh! That allows gates. Alright I’m-a-researching military too. I’m-a-doin’ it! doing it do it do it up because I’m
gonna work my brain as hard as I can to Do it! Do it up because I’m gonna work my brain as hard as I can to get this shit underway and you’re gonna get this shit under way and you’re gonna
come back 30 minutes later with just my come back 30 minutes later with just my brain exploded out of my head. brain exploded out of my head *Laughter* I I like out before we started this
episode it was like oh let’s go for a Bob: I like how before we started this episode it was like “Oh lets…well we got everything set up walk we got everything set up and figured out
all right now we’re ready to start that and figured out. Alright! Now we’re ready. Lets just start the episode. We’re ready to go!” *Laughter* so we’re ready to go if it’s ready to go ready to go no
problem ready to go Ready to go! Ready to go! No Problem! Ready to go!! We did so well in the beginning and then, I don’t, I don’t e-, I don’t even, I don’t even know. we did we did so well in the beginning
and then I don’t I don’t I don’t even I don’t even know I don’t even understand
it but I know that there’s a way to make I don’t even understand it, but I KNOW that there’s a way to make empty barrels into what we need. So empty barrels into what we need so I’m
going to try that first I’m going to try that first. ok so I just put i just put can I touch
my empty barrel to the store heat stick Okay. Do I just put…do I just put…can I touch my empty barrel to the storage tank? can move the story up literally touching
this stupid Farrell everywhere I can Can I put storage tank in- *Laughter* I’m literally touching the storage barrel everywhere I can! it’s not working well okay except is
your one and only attempt It’s not working!! *Cries* Well, okay. Bob: That’s your one and only attempt? “I touched the storage barrel on everything man!” i touch the storage barrel on everything
man but that I I really tried ok so it I..I really tried. Okay so, it must be…okay. It MUST be…okay. IT MUST BE that now it has to go into a must be okay it must be okay it must be that now it has to go into a
different chemical plant that is for the different chemical plant that is for the storing -ness of it storing this of it so that when you do
that it will now do put in into barrel so that when you do that…..*clears throat* It will now do…put ins uh.. into barrel. (Pardon?) haha and then when you have Bob: Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh- And then you have barrel in chemical plant, will…it will put in barrel and you will have barrel and barrel is have a barrel in chemical plant it it
will it will put in barrel and you will have barrel and barrel is what you have what you have. Barrel of oil. barrel of oil yeah we’ll get a 50 gallon
drum of lube and then we’ll have a good Bob: oeh We’ll get a fifty gallon drum of lube And then we’ll have a good time time okay that makes sense Ok? *Heavy Breathing* That make sense? yeah okay good all right good because
I’m making crisscrossing like pipe Bob: Yea. Ok good. Alright good Cuz im making criss-crossing like Pipe systems that aren’t logical in systems that aren’t logical in any
fashion but it’s going to work because I any fashion but its gonna work Cuz I ran out of space cuz of your walls ran out of space because of your walls
and I didn’t want to break down the And I didn’t want to break down the walls walls so I literally am crossing
everything over pipe to underground so I literally am crossing everything over Piped to underground…….. Holy shh… holy shit four walls I haven’t touched
your beautiful they’re fine don’t I Bob: My beautiful walllllls??? I haven’t touched your beautiful walls, they’re fine Bob: Don’t!! didn’t I Didn’t!! don’t I didn’t you do I will end you Bob: Don’t!! I-I-I Didn’t! Bob: If u DO I WILL END YOU i I really didn’t I promise you I did
not really fucked up this coal situation I-I-I Really DIDN’T I-I Promise you I did not Bob: I really fucked up this coal situation Uhhhh its probably not as bad as I fucked up literally everything over here so, it’s probably not as bad as I fucked up
literally everything over here so i I think you are going to be fine think you’re gonna be fine ah damn it Phil crude barrel how do i
fill crude barrel AHHHHHHHH Dammit!!!! Fill crude barrel, HOW DO I FILL CRUDE BARREL?!!! oh I don’t know they don’t understand OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!! I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!!!! oh stop being me up all bad i am like my
brain is not happy uh-huh Ohhhhhh stop dinging me!!!!!!!!!!! (*Bob laughs) OH man Im like my brain is not having it right now how do we do this made (*bob continues laughing) How do we do this!? Made. oh wait made oh wait made made in assembly machine made in assembly machine ok. so maybe, maybe I have to pipe it ok so maybe maybe I have to pipe it into
an assembly machine into an assembly machine. Okay… Okay, Alright. I’m gonna try that and if I pipe into an assembly machine maybe ok ok all right i’m gonna try that and
if I pipe it into an assembly machine maybe then I can put the barrel in there
and have that make what I need it to then I can put the barrel in there, and have that make what I need it to make make got it Got it?! yeah yeah okay okay so I don’t need this Yeah!(Totally Doesn’t). Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Mark: Yeah Okay Okay so I don’t need this- I don’t need this but I do need this… Okay I can’t… Can it pipe right in to there? The- I don’t need this but i do need ok
can-can it pipe right into their the no NOO! IT CAN’T DO THAT!! IT CAN’T PIPE INTO A MACHINE! you can’t do that you can pipe it into a
machine how do we do this small bump HOW DO WE DO THIS?!?! whoo small punk have been all in me don’t yell at me I’m not yelling at you
wake up my fault oh is it I don’t know how do we loo
don’t know how to lube i’m having my own problems don’t yell at
me not yelling at you what are your problems what are you doing I’m too stupid is my baby haha seven it’s not it’s not on the same
level as yours it’s not on the same level we’re not
going to get fucking robots ever this rate no oh ok ok it worked when i turn the
assembly machine into an engine processor it it made a pipe attachment
to it Oh mm oh ok so this is good that means
that it’s now it now do have lube in it now it just needs electronic circuits
and normal engines and normal engines are also made in machine holy shit wants me to make a loop I’m
not ready to make this loop haha oh no i dont have space for this
loop oh god Bob things are going very poorly
for me are they going anybody in your eye stuff
is going just perfectly so but i’m not worried about it something tells me that might be a lie
like that might know Isley is taking me like an embarrassing amount of time to
figure it out but it’s going just awesome yeah I also apparently were were
under attack by something and I don’t know what what why no mommy so I can god damn why are these
still out of pepper fight in my comment as we got the other ones yeah but it’s not enough to power the
whole base well let me follow all ten I’ll tear all these old steam engines
down and reconfigure them into your configuration and then they’ll all be JC
chained together that’s actually a good idea I like that
that’s that’s a then we’ll have much open space over here to where you can
build your new loop yeah hey all god you’re your stone miners
they’re out of stone we have no stoning out and it’s still
there not more is there not more patches over there or
you could just sort of reshuffle mom let’s see I don’t know there’s no way
they used up those all stone the stone was very very sporadic but there are
more here i guess i can I can work with this I can work with and just needs long grab
it grab these and I’m gonna fix this muhfucka modifier have a steam engine haha oh ok but the whole ok no it’s fine it’s fine you’re right it’s
fine it’s totally cool we got everything you need to know what
your side about you know it’s fine doing fine don’t worry about there’s actually
plenty of stone in these chests there’s lots of stone it’s cool it’s
fine it’s totally cool you don’t need to yell at me okay we’re
on the same one the same if it was like the revolution too drunk minecraft just
like dude if you don’t know me man fuck you we were hers but we’re doing so good and
then we got shunted back to the Stone Age site started that it started yay yay it’s doing i got six more
fucking Steven just set up man I’m not even done yet no man might as well go for broke yeah I
will get them all up bucket at least four more because this setup is not
idiotic and eats itself and it’s like oh yeah wow you picked that yeah is that what you said choose the
chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga yeah way I don’t know if that one water pump
is out one water pump enough i guess it is holy shit that one off shore palm
working yeah hot tits I guess you don’t need a
lot of exploit water pumps are oh man barely yeah they all got some water they
have two more steam engines i was trying to make it symmetrical but amount of
steam engines damn it I’ll help you I will make two
more and . like that tah-dah oh it’s so pretty Wow look at that motherfucker look at
that shit now that’s gonna itself stating oh god that’s good a bump up the function I yeah pump up
the jams pump it up something jam nice and the
two cool things are more than enough oh you got a third one up there okay
that’s what they don’t want their it’s a little excessive I might take it back
down . you can get stuck in their holy shit fit ok i’m sure i have dr. hand ok so that
we’re going to fast forward through that because that won’t count that was us
being stupid about how we now have fixed my idiots in federal at night at four in
the morning when i was playing this game literally the idiocy we’ve been
tolerating for the past few servants it’s literally consistently holy that
every episode there was a moment ok i’ll publish aid in the shed but shit ok there’s literally a fire in our ship
that were on and we’re like I should go put on the fire just splash a bucket of
water on its fine we’ll get back to it later hurry up and come back i don’t even care
but we got to work out more important shit like this science machine that’s
all God up is a science machine bobbed up oh i just got a bunch of science out of
it so who got death who got this ship literally just conveyor belts way too
many conveyor belts what is it it’s like it doubles as a
convenient conveyor belt machine so we never have to make them ourselves got that one conveyor but it’s just the
one conveyor belt literally ship anyway ok so now that we got that man my
inventory is loaded with it ok so now Bob if you come up north you
know I need your help on this there i need help there’s no way I can do this
by myself arm so you got it sister here’s the rub so literally we have to make this
assembly loop near this refinery there’s no other way to get lube into this then
pump it so that’s the problem we need that we
should take over this forest to the north of the refinery yes we should just pipe the loop
straight up this pathway here hundred percent house this area I agree
we can do that yeah but I don’t be a whole terraforming
project sort of thing ok but until we get the loop then I say we try to make just one robot instead of making a whole bunch of
robots we should just make enough machines down here that feed themselves
and then move it by hand into this machine until we can make just one
robots and now i need a a barrel for lubricant yeah we’re gonna need barrels
and then we need to get the lube go we the only lube is needed an engine too
and you only need one engine to do that but we also need batteries which needs
sulfuric acid so to make sulfuric acid at a chemical plant yeah it’s a chemical plant thing that is
made with water so there’s a lake right over there so we can pump water from
that this one can make sulfuric acid can do you need what ya need water so we
just need to put there’s a there’s a lake right there so we just need to come on terror that
is what about some extra pumps i think from dismantling the old steam system
nice okay so we just need pipe and we need to
get it there once again this is all going to be fast forward and shit
because holy shit the good God yeah so we’re all right so that i will
start the short pump ok and piping process to get the water
over here okay I’m just gonna make more assembly machines and I’m gonna put gaps
in between so we can and want the whole fucking shenanigans over here man yeah this is there is no joke this is
like serious factorial is what everyone was like oh they’re going to get to this
shit and fuck around us hardcore factorial fans out there you know over
time about yeah oh man ok so pump and then so that’s the shit we’re gonna have to
pump sulfuric acid into this – holy shit we’re going to just need to make another
refinery only do totally have underground pipes yeah we gotta make another refinery or
something ok so this needs to be made here it needs steal its gears and it needs
oddly enough it needs pipe so I need to make a whole bunch of pipe oh boy oh boy oh boy this is gonna make
it was that right on the underground by oh no are you okay this is making an engine cool so that’s
one part of it so the engines than the batteries oh
yeah we just need copper plates and sulfuric acid wait where do we get sulfur always
sulfur comes from ya sulfur comes from petroleum and water so
we need petroleum pumping into a chemical plant ok let’s just for like and just put
water into this work yeah exactly get a hundred percent ok so I’m going to undo these cuz that’s
pointless and like this that yeah you’re going to johnnys my so now
he can make sulfur yes yet making salt for sulfur and then
sulfur is a solid perfect and then so sulfuric acid is made in a chemical
plant with sulfur iron plate and water again so split the water pipe into
another chemical plant do I need to just make a new chemical
plant yeah I i might have one I want to make it down here water is with the
water south yeah I can do it the ground around right
there is a good place just fucking Rock you can shoot the rock
and it’ll blow up ok this is now making an electrical
engine unit which is good okay well we’re making it it’s happening
is my hand but it’s doing it now then we just need another one making a
battery sure sure no actually no we make battery
by hand no batteries made in a chemical plant
with the hell hey I used underground pipes so we can
actually keep the wall intact look at that nice well done , gingras tricky I’m and I don’t be modest I don’t know
what you’re doing but I feel like it gingras ok good job being a good game muris don’t
make it on me i’m a gamer so now we have sulfuric acid we need to pipe that out into another
assembly machine which there’s two more down there ok so that need to pipe this into a
Hindu wait no this assembly machine wait hang on a second battery can this
not make a battery this can make a battery one can make it but no no
batteries are only made in 20 it pumps into another chemical plant ah
ok i can make one of those that pumps into another chemical plant that makes
batteries there’s a gap between those so we can
walk back and forth ok cool and then plant it’s almost done yeah it’s going to be worth it when we
make this one robot and then realize that we don’t think about it’s going to
be a mother fucker but he’s going to be our little buddy that goes in there like break him we’re
gonna like destroy this robot oh I got your power and your power right there –
all right good job ready already ok and that’s making batteries yes cool
so do we just need an extract you from that i’m just going to take one out by
hand and then put it where it needs to go because I got nothing better to do
with my time that also has a battery still need steel can you go get more
steel please yeah I hope the steals stuff still
working i think it should be it’s totally working steal stuff like working over here well
as working working woo any more electric circuit we’re almost there were almost there oh
my god I got so much steel I don’t even know what to do with it that’s good we need that much hey gates
are finished now I can build gates nice what do you need where you need to
steal that it just put it in this flying robot frame the one on the right middle
right this one yeah Boosh and that should start working
as soon as I put these in their night it’s gonna make a rainbow dream here yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and then we can
just make a logistics robot which transports between logistic chests what’s this was a smart chest have no
fucking idea where do I mean if you if you look at the tech tree there are things called a request our
chests or smart delivery chests are all kind of shit we need to rehearse a good
network to get smart just parts that we can research that are called algorithmic
some such nonsense no decider Combinator our God arithmetic combinate our God
constant Combinator different colored wires not even you don’t even you don’t pick
up sweet but I when you when you see you but you doing what ya then you have this shit so
complicated man i imagine if we’re trying to do this it efficiently if it yeah what if we were like all right now
wait before we build anything yeah what configuration of these
buildings that we and processes that we have two could facilitate I mean we did kind of box ourselves in
admittedly like it’s a bit of a problem we’re gonna die man I thought we were
dead he’s picked up apparently we’re never
gonna die because everything is fine but i got like 30 turrets and they’ve all
got some bullets of them it’s fine well what I just built was a robot did he always alive that they–it’s hang
on let me try to I don’t know you can make it do something maybe dance i’d
just i can put there is there aa it’s buddy yeah where God oh I picked him up i’m
sorry i’m sorry we made one he’s our little buddy yeah we have a
trying to fit the only other friend we have on this horrible sounds does he is
all for you bro well . click on them oh he does a little
radio noises ok so we did it guys yay go us go team go ok so that’s all the time we
have in this one next episode we’re going to figure out how to make more of
these bad boys and get them to go places it’s hard enough getting them I don’t
know we’re going to that it’s not move how do we it’s not moving it we don’t
have any smart just we just got the research for smart chest but we’ll get
that a second so thank you everybody so much for watching and as always we’ll
see you in the next video BUH-BYE *outro* Plus:Made by Russian

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