[lauren] snickle! [lauren] hey everyone it’s lauren from hot for food and today we’re gonna make something special for mother’s day. [lauren] it’s coming up this weekend so i thought i would show you how to make [lauren] vegan cinnamon rolls. [lauren] it’s very easy to whip up the dough and the rolls the night before. leave them in the fridge. [lauren] and then bake them on sunday morning and your mum can awake to the scent [lauren] of cinnamon rolls filling the house. [lauren] so we’re gonna start by making the dough! [lauren] so i have a cup of water here that’s hot, umm you can either get warm water from your tap [lauren] or i just had like my instant hot water so i’m just gonna stir it [lauren] let it get down to about a 100F [lauren] that is the temperature of the water that you’re gonna need for your active dry yeast. [lauren] so you can buy these yeast packets at the grocery store, they’re already pre measured. [lauren] you’re gonna use one packet, and dump it into the water once it’s a 100F [lauren] and then add a quarter cup of sugar. [lauren] so you’re gonna let the sugar, water and yeast sit for ten minutes and it’s gonna foam up. [lauren] if it’s too hot, what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna kill your yeast, [lauren] and it won’t foam up and it won’t rise the dough. [lauren] now, everyone’s gonna ask “do i have to add sugar?” [lauren] yes, you have to add sugar because that’s what activates the yeast. [lauren] if you don’t do that, it’s not gonna do anything. [lauren] so measure out three cups of flour, [lauren] alright, and then stir in a teaspoon of salt. [lauren] once you have this stirred together, just make a little well in the bottom like this, it’s where you’re gonna pour the liquid. [lauren] so now we’ll add that to the flour. [lauren] and then add your melted coconut oil. [lauren] so now you’re gonna fold this together until it’s just mixed. and then knead it together with your hands. [lauren] okay and then once you feel like it’s sticky, just take it all and put it onto the counter, [lauren] and then you’re only gonna knead it a few times until it looks like it’s well mixed and it’s sticky. [lauren] so once it’s a ball of dough, just take a little bit of coconut oil, [lauren] i have some leftover in the pot i melted in. [lauren] and just oil the bowl lightly, so that the dough doesn’t stick. [lauren] and then you’re gonna take your ball of dough and place it in the bowl, [lauren] cover it with plastic and a tea towel and you’re gonna let this proof for two hours. [lauren] i put mine in the oven, but you can put it in a cupboard or top of the fridge. [lauren] don’t turn your oven on, it’s just like not room temperature. [lauren] when you’re ready to make the filling and roll out your dough you’re gonna melt two tablespoons of coconut oil. [lauren] and then mix together a quarter cup of sugar with a tablespoon of cinnamon. [lauren] and here it is! so it should double in size, [lauren] you’re just gonna remove it from this bowl, [lauren] and it won’t stick cos you oiled it. [lauren] and then place it on a lightly floured surface. [lauren] and have a good large working surface like this, [lauren] so you’re gonna flour your rolling pin so it doesn’t stick. [lauren] and just start rolling this out. [lauren] this dough’s actually very easy to work with, it should be soft. [lauren] so you just wanna go lengthwise and forward and backwards so you could try to get this into a square. [lauren] as best as possible. [lauren] anyway just make sure it doesn’t stick by putting some flour underneath like this, [lauren] okay so this could even be vegan butter or margarine instead of coconut oil [lauren] so leave one inch clean without oil or sugar because when we roll this, [lauren] that’s gonna be the outside edge that will stick to the outside of the roll. [lauren] okay so you can be generous with this but make sure you use all of it. [lauren] get it as evenly as you can across the surface. [lauren] so try to roll this pretty tightly [lauren] i like baking mine in a cast iron skillet cos it looks cool. [lauren] in photos but you can bake it in a pan [lauren] umm, whatever you wanna do [lauren] and you’re gonna lightly oil it with coconut oil, or vegan butter or margarine. [lauren] it’s easiest to cut the full log in half, and then each half is six pieces. [lauren] okay so these don’t have to be perfectly even or whatever doesn’t really matter, [lauren] just leave some space, they’re gonna rise and get bigger. [lauren] here’s the thing, at this phase, let it proof for two hours then put it in the fridge if you wanna bake them the next day. [lauren] and then they look like this after they’ve proofed. [lauren] so now you’re gonna bake them for 25-30 minutes at 350F [lauren] the recipe i’ve linked in the description shows you how to make the cinnamon rolls, [lauren] and there’s a vanilla frosting recipe there as well. [lauren] but today i’m gonna show you how to make a caramel sauce [lauren] and we’re gonna put pecans on the top as well. [lauren] the caramel’s super easy, we’re just gonna heat up sugar, non dairy milk, vegan butter and salt [lauren] for 7-8 minutes until it thickens up into a caramel sauce like this. [lauren] i used coconut sugar for this, but you could use brown sugar or even just raw, cane sugar [lauren] it’s fine. i used vegan butter because that’s kinda what caramel is, [lauren] i honestly don’t know if coconut oil would work or not. [lauren] i also just toasted some pecans in the oven with the cinnamon rolls [lauren] and we’re gonna chop those up for the topping [lauren] there they are. our cinnamon rolls with caramel and pecans [lauren] these look so good! [lauren] and they’re still warm, [lauren] so i must do the taste test now. [lauren] no, my mother is not here. why am i using a fork and knife? [lauren] ow, my teeth. [lauren] they’re good, these are a good mother’s day idea for sure. [lauren] mm! [lauren] specifically my mum really likes cinnamon rolls. [lauren] we used to make them all the time, growing up. except we would use the kind that you bought, like [lauren] already in the freezer. so she likes these ones, [lauren] i’ll be making them again on sunday because now i have three dozen batches of cinnamon rolls cos [lauren] obviously i like, premade all of the dough so we didn’t have to sit around for hours waiting for it to proof [lauren] definitely do all that work the day before. do that on saturday and on sunday just bake them, [lauren] add the caramel, and the pecans and you’re done. [lauren] so addictive. [lauren] alright, happy mother’s day everybody and to all the mums out there, thank you! [lauren] thanks for watching, we’ll be back next wednesday with another recipe here on hot for food [lauren] and if you do make these or anything else, [lauren] from our channel, or our blog, [lauren] make sure you tag us on social media @hotforfood [lauren] and uhh we’ll see you guys soon! bye!

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