Watch Iceage & Posh Isolation at 13 Torches for a Burn

Watch Iceage & Posh Isolation at 13 Torches for a Burn

There’s Fire Marshalls here They shut down the event – We have to like move the show
– Wait The fire marshall’s inside The Church is no good It was a one-two punch we got denied our permits
for The Church altogether and then we had the Fire Marshall
show up 20 minutes later This is Los Globos the only big enough venue
to house the show here We called pretty much every
DIY spot in Los Angeles every main venue, to see
if we could find a room and Globos was the best option Thank you Thanks I think one person was like is it one of three people— It doesn’t matter
if it’s not at The Church It’s all about making sure
that this scene is documented and it finally left Denmark, you know? So as long as the show goes on then we’ve still succeeded There was no promise of a payoff so I’m happy that I decided
to do the shows illegally and do what we did ’cause those unbridled or so
shows were incredible I think it’s always been hard
for a DIY space to run no matter where you are And I think it’s all cyclical whether it’s 285 Kent,
The Church, Monster Island They come and go and that’s kind of what
makes them special and unique I wouldn’t change anything

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  1. Ones to Watch: A motley crew of Copenhagen’s underground punk scene take over LA’s Los Globos on Sunset Boulelvard

  2. Artemy ダビデンコ, it's epoetin alpha by lust for youth.

  3. goddamn sexdrome though

  4. this is beautiful. to everyone involved, thank you very much

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