Waterproof Flashlight for Action Camera

Waterproof Flashlight for Action Camera

A couple months back, I bought myself an action camera hoping to capture all the moments during my travels and other memorable experiences. It’s been great so far. However, there’s a downside to the small action camera profile independently from the brand it’s the sensor and its inability to capture shots in the dark. I’ve had a couple flashlights that I would
McGyver onto the mono-pod or any other mount, but it’s always been a hassle. And a few weeks ago I broke one of those flashlights and it lead to a 3D printing and epoxy casting adventure. Here’s what I came up with – a waterproof
flashlight made specifically for your action camera. It’s light and gives you little to
no hassle when you use it. It focuses the light right at the center, because odds are
that’s what you’re trying to film. And the best part it’s not just for the dark. I made it with snorkling in mind. Light profile and relatively powerful LEDs will definitely enhance the quality of the shots you’re taking under water. Even though it’s still a work in progress
with another version already in the works, it already has a cool way to charge it with
a magnetic cable. The goal is to make it smaller more powerful and even add features such
as Ultra Violet light or Infra Red light. The whole idea revolves around kicking the
action camera experience up a notch. So whether it’s a video log, an underwater
cave or just shot in the dark, This might be just for you.

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  1. hex bitch remember me

  2. hex bitch remember me

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  4. Still moving forward?

  5. Is this like something I could buy?

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