Waxing my legs and ranting about stuff that does not matter

Waxing my legs and ranting about stuff that does not matter

*cOuGh* *TrUmPeT mUsIc* *fArT sOuNd* Hi. So I have a BIT of a problem… It’s been two months since I got my legs waxed… …and I need to fix that Yesterday, I was standing outside… …and a gust of wind passed by… …and I literally felt my leg hair *move*, like hair does… …on your head. But it’s on your legs, so that was a nice experience I’m kinda lazy to go get them professionally waxed, so we’re just gonna wax them together *breathes in heavily* and I thought to spice things up a bit… …I’d give you some of my unpopular opinions. *lip smack* *sighs* The entire earth population is gonna hate me after this video. Before we spill the tea, we need to make the tea. *snap* Okay, let’s go make the tea *loud opening door* *stomping down the stairs* *dramatic noise* *loud clatter* *places cup on table* *another dramatic noise* Let’s have some fun. First we need an outfit change. *boing??* *another loud clatter* Azulene oil… ..i’ve no idea what that is, so we’re no gonna use it *ANOTHER loud clatter* *paper wrinkling* This is not in English. *paper wrinkling* *plastic wrinkling* I’m kind of scared. Rub a double strip between your hands… *SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP* *paper wrinkles AGAIN* I think that’s good Smooth down sticky side of wax strip firmly onto skin in direction of hair growth. *poor paper being abused* Okay Oh it’s really on there now… *clears throat* *exhales *grusome noise* Ow That actually worked. Woah… That was quite the experience. No. Why did I even make tea for this video, like I don’t even drink tea I HatE TEa!!! Why don’t we start with something not so *triggering* such as foods? Okay, let’s start with tomatoes. I hate tomatoes. What was Mother Nature thinking when she made tomatoes? What was the point of tomatoes? They’re not a fruit. They’re not a vegetable. What is IT? And the seeds, what about when there’s tomato sauce and there’s just one FAT seed in the middle of it. Like, what am I supposed to do with THAT? Okay, like no. Okay, that hurt a lot. another food. I hate now. This one is controversial, bacon. It’s just a mouthful of fat who wants that? I never understood the hype around bacon like *rips* ow Mm-hmm. You know what else I hate? Coffee. I don’t know what it is the taste just doesn’t do it for me and it’s not that I don’t like the coffee. I actually like the caffeine I just hate whatever else is in it that makes it taste like that. You won’t catch me drinking coffee ever You know what else I haven’t ever tried? And have no intentions of trying either? A hamburger. Maybe its because of the tomatoes. Tomatoes are party poopers. They have to ruin everything. Why can’t tomatoes just, like, not ? No one wants them there. Who actually likes tomatoes? The other day, I saw this documentary I’m sorry. I’m talking so much about tomatoes, but I can’t help it. I saw this documentary. Ow And it was of tomato growing. There was this shot in the middle of it This guy just walks up to the camera holding this big red tomato. And guess what he does He just takes a bite out of it like an apple. Ow No, okay, stop it. Get some help. Okay Now we’re going to get onto the more polarizing stuff the Dolan twins. They are not hot. I’m sorry I’ve looked at them every possible way from every possible perspective But they are just not hot and like that. There are many people that I don’t find hot. Guess who? Zac Efron? He’s 5’6 um No My hands are all sticky. This is nasty. I have a topic – kpop. I am one of the few people that still does not really understand. Kpop. Like what what is it? I don’t get it someone please explain to me and While we’re on the topic of music, let me tell you guys a bit about the songs that I like Well for starters no songs that any youtuber has ever put out has ever satisfy me I hate them all not a single one was good. I guess you probably noticed by now that I like indie music I understand how pretentious I sound when I say that I like indie music my favorite bands include, Tame Impala That’s pretty much it rap music. I hate it burn it. It hurts my ears. It’s cancer. Turn it off, please. I Made up the term and I’m probably gonna copyright it I call it the post-lunch fever haze. What does it mean? You might be asking well, let me explain after lunch every single day without failure I am just hit with this tiredness and it’s every single day in class I run the risk of falling asleep, and I already have I’ll just blackout in class one moment the teachers talking about Abraham Lincoln Next moment. She’s talking about trigonometry No one believes me, but I believe myself and that’s enough comment down below if you think this is true Don’t take any tumbles there guys Wha-wha You know what song is really good? Roxanne by the police my goodness. I have memories of listening to this song in the womb and it’s just I Think the message is slightly inappropriate, but you know what? We’re there for the bop not for the message That is a Bop and a half, you know I’m going to bring my black tea over here because you know, you can’t spill the tea without drinking it at the same time Whoever drinks that and actually likes it. The FBI should just be knocking on your door because this is a federal crime Oh, yeah, do you guys like my mug? Drink the tea drink the tea and your problems will go away My problems did not grow. In fact, I have more problems Superhero movies I hate all of them not a single one that I liked and you know, what’s the worst part of it? I don’t know if this is just me but the actors that play the super heroes for some reason in real life They start to act like the superheroes they get that ego of. Oh I’m gonna save the world No, you’re not Is this a mental breakdown? I don’t know what the symptoms are. I mean, I’ve already cut my hair. I’m waxing my own legs. I’m Super down and negative all the time. I’m the next Hannah Baker and your name is gonna be on the tape Whoa, actually while we’re on the topic Thirteen reasons why let’s talk. What do I think about the TV show well, and I’m at it. No do I think it glorifies? Suicide no, but did I think that season two was worse than season one? Yes one the acting was atrocious. I don’t know if it’s just me I’m not a certified movie critic if that is even a thing But I just did not like it just was not my cup of tea The ending was intense. I will give them that but to me it just it didn’t toot my horn, you know The book was much better. If you want an actual rendition of 13 reasons why that does the story justice read the book Wow, okay, this is so patchy. Like what what what even is this what what am I doing with my life? How did I get here sitting in my room talking to my phone and waxing my legs? So how was your day? I’ve been talking about myself for this entire time I ran out of ideas this morning *chill piano music as I have a mental breakdown *RRRIIIIIPPP* I really want a dog if someone wants to pay for my dog, please send me money. I’ll link my PayPal What even is this video anymore? I was so confused. I’ve confused myself. I have been filming for almost an hour What? where has all the time gone Don’t look at my butt, okay That’s it for this video if you stayed around god bless you, and I’m not religious So don’t I look so great in this camera angle Okay, see you

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  1. the thing about falling asleep after lunch always happens to me, jeez!

  2. I literally had to skip half of the video because she was talking smack about tomatoes there juicy and delicious that's all Ima say

  3. I don’t like Kpop either

  4. I was like okay okay COFFEE wtf how can u not like coffee your still my favorite YouTubed tho but coooommmmmeeeee oooooonnnnnn

  5. Okay super hero movies I hate those also I don’t get them don’t hate lol

  6. To anyone who watches her videos without subtitles- you’re doing it wrong

  7. I eat tomatoes.Raw or cooked.Im sorry I have dissapointed you.

  8. I live in Kansas so I have no choice but to eat hamburgers and bacon

  9. The British tea-drinkers are HORRIFIED 😮

  10. I hate bacon to. So I am not the only one, ok good

  11. I love tomatoes and Kpop is pop music in America so kpop is Korean pop it is pop but in Korean and like if you are one I am for BTS,blackpink,and twice

  12. I LOVE TOMATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. in my country we dont have tomatoes in hamburguers

  14. You said that you don’t like YouTube music, but what about simplynailogicals ‘Menchie Gang’

  15. At 1:48 turn on captions it says "poor paper being abused"😂

  16. 6:24 At this moment in time i was sipping away at my tea happily.

  17. her 720p is just 480p in disguise

  18. ok but just waxed my legs for the first time using the same brand as you and OW JESUS

  19. She came out the closet at the start…

  20. Kpop is Korean pop. A lot of people like bts and other bands like blackpink, twice, EXO, and Monsta X.

  21. Once John cena likes your music or videos you know you’ve made it

  22. That happen to me all the time. It don't help maths boring

  23. Okay Joana, watch My Hero Academia on Hulu and yes it’s a SuperHero anime but I swear, it’s will make your tea for you

  24. i hate tomatoes and coffee as well, and i understand k-pop, but hate it lol. can we be best friends now lmao <3

  25. You should be more respectful about zac efron

  26. Get some spam lite and fry it. It is crispy and tastes like bacon, but isn't fatty. I love tomatoes, I would eat a tomato like an apple. The Dolan twins are funny, I like them cause of the vids, but not the looks. Zac Efron is aight. I like Billie eilish, Gabbie Hanna, and Alec Benjamin. Those are the main things. I hate coffee. It is true. I love making stories while in bed and sometimes while class. I could never wax my legs. I can't take pain. I sorta like the Flash. K-pop is weird

  27. I thought I would be triggered but I completely agree with everything Joana said 🤣

  28. the thing she said about rap, i always say it, and people are like “omg ur so mean rap is so good”

  29. How bout Bish lasagna

  30. K pop is like pop but is made by Korean people

  31. Omg I hate bacon too

  32. Lol i hate k-pop 2 !!!it ain't musicccccccccc like ewww i'm sryy .

  33. When you said,WhO EvEr LiKeS TeA wHiLe DrInKiNg,ThE FBI sHoUlD bE kNoCkInG oN tHeIr DoOr!i thought in my mind my grandma and mom does like tea while drinking and that got MEH sAiding OML FBI COME LOL!

  34. Tea and coffee are life thoughhhh

  35. Who else literally eats tomatoes 24/7

  36. this video is so funny

  37. discrimination against k-pop huh huh

  38. I hate tomatoes as well
    I hate literal tea (like the drink)
    I love bacon
    I hate coffee
    I love hamburgers without tomatoes and lettuce
    I shave my legs
    The Dolan twins are ugly
    Zac Efron is ugly and shorter than my mother goose
    I only listen to Taylor Swift (like seriously)

  39. Yep the Dolan twins are rlly ugly tho

  40. I've never eaten a hamburger, and the Dolan twins I have hated them

  41. Tomato’s are a fruit because it has seeds

  42. Your lunch sleepyness is you going into a food coma lol

  43. When she said Taeminpala I’m the only person who heard taemin

  44. Reasons why People like Kpop:
    The meaning in their music helps people who are in hard times and they just need someone to tell them they should LOVE YOURSELF but i still respect people who don’t like Kpop because people can have their own opinions and Kpop ruined my Life.I CANT EAT,SLEEP,SAVE MONEY CAUSE OF KPOP I STILL HAVE MUSIC VIDEO’S I STILL NEED TO STREAM I NEED TO STAN NEW GROUPS AND I NEED TO BUY MORE MERCH-


  46. Kpop. My older sister is trying to get me into it… BUt iT KinDa sUCkS (my opinion) I'm fine with my engish 90s song thanks Bros (tomatoes hamburgers… I call Dem burgers, and, nOpe)

  47. I hate k pop toooooooooooooooooo🌚⛄️

  48. We have SOO much in common wow

  49. Why doesn’t she just shave? No hate I love u I’m just asking

  50. I agree with everything you said!

  51. Me: Sees tomatoes on the list
    Also me: clicks video faster than Jhon Cenna's punch, Usain bolts leggos, and Thanos snap

    Tomatoes are my favorite food. The one thing we dont have in common is u dont like bacon or tomatoes


  52. The subtitles are actually hilarious

  53. Kpop fans are so triggered in the comment section its funny

  54. Kpop is Korean pop music lol

  55. Omg I LOVE Roxanne

  56. Kpop is Korean pop music I know I wasn’t pleased with it eather

  57. Why is my opinion plagiarized off of yours

  58. Kpop is good, but I will respect your opinion, I’m a Kpop Stan who watches a very funny YouTuber

  59. Why do I literally agree to every little thing she says.

  60. Lol I need to start watching more videos with the captions on😂

  61. when i saw "kpop" in the thumbnail i thought she was just going to say disrespecting things like "I dont understand what they're saying, so the music is bad. also they look like girls which makes things worse than I thought." but the topic lasted like idk 20 seconds of her saying nothing bad and i love it

  62. The dolan twins are ukly

  63. Gosh my music tastes are nearly the same as yours. I don’t understand Kpop, I hate rap, and The Police are the bomb. Never heard Indie music though (unless I called it the wrong genre)

  64. I agreed with literally everything she said

  65. i love rap, kpop, tomatoes, tea AND tema impala

  66. well. i would explain kpop to you but i may end up writing a whole as 6969 word essay about what it is and why you should respect it. but for now. just watch a ‘why your child likes kpop’ video. search it up on yt and u will see videos. click one

  67. I used to eat tomatoes like apples all the time. They are natures gift

  68. Rap sucks thx you for saying that

  69. Ok I hate tomatoes, so I was willing to hear you out about the other things even after you insulted beloved tea, but when you diSSED SUPERHERO MOVIES?? NAH SIS, CATCH ME OUTSIDE

  70. She does not like superhero movies while I’m over here still depressed about everything in Marvel

  71. maybe put milk and sugar in the tea._.

  72. I’m from Texas so I add lemon juice and honey to EVERY tea concoction no matter what. I hear sugar and milk are a thing but we also know how healthy you eat so that may or may not be an option for you. Let us know if you find a good mix for your t-enjoyment 😏

  73. Kpop is just Korean music why is it so hard for people to understand? it’s just music not rocket science


    What was the song for the very first few seconds of this video? It sounds very familiar and I really need to find it!!!! Please someone tell me!

  75. you're spitting straight facts in your food section

  76. Tomatoes are fruit and some people say that they are vegtibles and that triggers me

  77. I hate tomatoes too sorry everyone

  78. Joana will hate me becuase i am 5'6 i will grow taller for you joana but then i will take my revenge

  79. It’s 2020 this is so old lol

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  81. John cena nao sabe depilar a perna

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  85. I agree with all of ur opinions

  86. you don't have to wear that dress tonight

  87. 6:43 Marvel and Avengers movies, yes. The Dark Knight Trilogy and The Joker, cinema of the highest art.

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