What To Do If Facebook Groups Don’t Allow You to Direct Messages Members

What To Do If Facebook Groups Don’t Allow You to Direct Messages Members

what do you do, if your Facebook groups that you join don’t allow you to direct message members or they don’t, specifically they prohibit you from selling your company’s product,
right they don’t like you to sell So think about, and this is common Most Facebook groups definitely won’t let you sell right And number two, most of them won’t allow you to direct message members so think about this, think of a Facebook group As like going to a barbecue Barbecue, like a home eating barbecue when you go to walk into a BBQ would they, would you go out immediately start pitching your products, to someone you wouldn’t right, you would leave get kicked out, people give you weird looks correct, only think about what you do online is what you do offline that’s a good tip there You also, would you go out into a barbecue And meet strangers, would you just randomly ask for people’s phone numbers You wouldn’t, would people just say – “I’d love to, can I have your phone number?” Like, who the heck are you? I’d never even met you before Right, if you want to ask a stranger, someone you don’t know exchange contact details But what wouldn’t happen? so that’s like a Facebook group right a lot of groups don’t allow you to direct message But what they do allow, what would happen, what would happen at BBQ? so you go to the barbecue, you may meet someone you may build a relationship, have chitchat and start talking and then afterwards have a conversation you could Would the person mind if you asked for their phone number? yes or no right if I’m out there talking, and in the U.S. it’s in summer right in the summer, you go to BBQ you start talking to them Maybe grab some, you grab some food and drinks you have a conversation with that person after spending five minutes or so talking to that person you have a good conversation, genuine “hey I’d love to keep in touch with you, I got some other people need to talk to” “I’d love to I stay in touch” do you think that person will mind, if they give you an exchange of contact info, right Definitely not, so think about that in the Facebook group as well when you Comment, Like, Add, Message if they don’t allow you to message them immediately You can, on the common thread, just comment back and forth Use the common thread, comment back and forth “Hey, I’d love to connect with you,
let’s take this conversation offline” “Can I private message you?” “Or love to connect with you, could you add me as a friend?” Okay So there you go, all right that’s how you get around Now what happens if people start asking you “What are you working on? I’m sure it depends what it is” so if people are specifically asking you what you’re working on Like that, if someone’s just think about if I was at a barbecue and someone asked you what specifically are you working on? Why do you want to talk to me Just say, I wouldn’t bring up what I’m talking about okay I would not bring it about my talk
about my business because that’s instantly will get people better when
you want to go to Facebook groups it taught being a good networker a good
leader you’re always singing long term you want
to collect friends right one of the all-time greats in that were walking
jefra birdy he’s heard over 100 million in net walkie us the saying he likes to
collect money he collects friends so you when you go to these Facebook groups
really have an intention that you’re not just just to find cool fine prospects to
recruit they’re collect friends because you never know by the way where those
relationships will lead to you always want to meet new people right well I’m
going out in the event I never thought this person could be potentially a
client I never think about about that collecting friends I mean they may not
join my business they may not do anything but they could you know kids
eventually could be best friends our friends kids would be doing something
together or yes from now who knows they could help me buy a house where I sell
me you buy me how many buy a car you never know so have an intention to cut
friends think about when you go to the barbecue if you have the intention to go
I’m gonna go recruit and find prospects generally you don’t do really well there
yeah you’re not gonna connect with people well because you have a hidden
agenda by the way people can see that dollar sign on your head if you have
that attitude so go out there just genuine collect friends meet people if
they ask you why are you working on day I’m really I do a lot of things I will
have a side business I was just tell them what you’re working on but I would
not pitch them okay I would I pitch him and
there you go right but you can say I just want to be connecting more friends
just could i and if they ask you like that you know that they’re not probably
open right now for invite all right but doesn’t mean they’re not could be a good
prospect later on you can still be a friend and just build a relationship
right and then you can post up and if you’re engaging with them they will see
what you’re posting eventually they’ll create you create curiosity they would
ask you or they may not be a prospect but Lygia
you’re collecting friends and the goal is networking is really a long-term game
where that person that not into the business could be some other give you
referrals or joins later on we’re rooting any type of networking
where online off might have a go I’m gonna collect friends and maybe I’m
gonna grow my network and I’m gonna provide value there okay that don’t
think about the business don’t think about the money I know something may be
hard being generally networking I want to make it quite as many friends as
possible you

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  1. Question, please, Simon…So, if the group doesn't allow you to private message, we just become friends? Which is different to what has been said before about offer to show them info as soon as we message them? Thanks

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