What’s the Difference Between Ambient Light and Flash?

What’s the Difference Between Ambient Light and Flash?

What’s the difference
between ambient light and flash? Hi! Today we’re here in the Groves with Chloe who is our awesome model,
and we are going to do two shots. We are going to do an completely ambient shot and then we’re going to follow it up with flash. And we’re going to completely change
the way this looks. We want both to look great. So we’ll start with the ambient and in order to do that we’re using the sun,
which is coming from this direction. It’s raking across Chloe, it’s hitting this reflector and it’s coming back. This is a silver reflector so
we get the most bang for our buck and it’s going to come forward
and just kind of fill in her shadows and give her some light in the eyes. So let’s start with that shot. Oh, and by the way, there’s a lot of construction going on
around here so you’ll hear lots of noise. So here we go. Chloe, you’re on and… go! Great. Okay! So now I’m going to swing this
reflector out of the way so that we’re not using it at all. I don’t want this of any use to us. ‘Cause otherwise it might reflect some of the flash. And we’re going to turn on all our
flashes and show you what that looks like. The first set of flashes that we’re going to
turn on is right behind me and this is the B2. It’s the Off-Camera Flash set. I’ve got a softbox here and
I’ve got a hair light back here. So I’m going to turn those on
first and see what happens there and then we’re going to build in
some background lights as well. So, let’s turn on our flashes
here from the Air Remote. Alright. You ready, Chloe? Here we go and… good! Excellent. Perfect! Okay, so that’s with one set of lights. Now we’re going to compare it
once we turn on all of the lights. We can do that simply by turning
them on here from the Air Remote. So we’re just going to turn on
the background lights and we’re going to fire them all again.
So, are you ready? Here we go. Again… There you go, good! Just like that. Nice.

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  1. Nice. Can I borrow your lights.

  2. Nice showcase of the Profoto light shaping tools. Your teaching is effective and pleasant as always Mr Platt. Love the recent series of short and focused videos. An enjoyable complement to your excellent webinar format.

  3. I thought the ambient looked better. There was some harshness when the full set of B2s was on. It looked very artificial. Thanks for the tip about not using flash unless it is really necessary.

  4. i have a doubt. In the picture using ambient light, the surrounding is well lit. But in the one with flash the surrounding seems to get little light and most of the light is focused on the girl. How are you cancelling the ambient light and using just the flash lights?

  5. I have a doubt…pls help
    Should i stay with a speelight for outside portrait or buy godox ad 360ii

  6. I really love this guy, man!

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