When You Build A Giant Raft Fortress On The Evaporated Ocean in Modded Raft

When You Build A Giant Raft Fortress On The Evaporated Ocean in Modded Raft

ahoy mateys I be captain blitz beard and
welcome back to RAF check it out we’re doing a mod today that’s right instead
of the world being a giant ocean where our dork nugget gets to live on a
floating raft welp that ocean evaporated and now it’s a desert yeah I mean I
guess I know I wanted to try something I did make a backup I want to see if our
old save file works cuz I think that’d be kind of Awesome
and what is that Island hot dang that looks cool hey there’s a raft that’s so
cool it’s now a base oh there’s tumbleweeds rolling around
whoa we got a little look at our tower here look at this thing it’s so cool it
is so cool oh there’s a city what oh this is so awesome I love it already and
I don’t even have to swim feel like I’m running like a 7,000 miles an hour
though the game speeds like double fast oh geez what is in the teepees hello
anyone here knock-knock there’s nothing here hello any anything any goodnight
what’s in Hey this one’s broken can I get in there oh look out tower woo oh
boy I’m gonna go like squirrel mode on this I have a single potato to shove in
my nostril huh well it doesn’t do much for food I’m just afraid that
something’s gonna jump out and eat me here everything in the toilet no this
reminds me of that game we played called desert skies a little bit except this
one has no resources together can I gather this hello nice you die get cut
up can I can I cut this here can I can I cut that up or not can I jump up here no
uh-huh all right like what I’m jumping it gives me the
running animation you notice that like that my axe is still making it like I’m
running that’s weird okay we got it we gotta eat – yes all
right what do we have at this church in windmill here there gonna be anything is
there any resources I can gather there better be
this better be there better be something here I can gather nope but these totally
are the assets from deserts guy I bet they bottom on the same unity store I
see smoke in the distance it invests Goa
adventured whoa whoa whoa there’s an island over here look at that thing
I’m gonna I need to go over there I think I need to go see what this smoke
is first oh wow just a fire nothing too exciting is
there resources there’s a chest here fire argh like fire can I open it
get out I can’t I open the chest can’t open anything in this game it’s so neat
though where’s the how do you actually get resources I pick up rocks Can I grab
no can I gather back here back here yeah I guess I want to destroy you order
destroy oh hey come here like a cat playing with
a toy come here real a wolf like you I like you I didn’t do anything is can I
gather wood from why is there no resources
I wonder if I bug the game by loading up my old raft I could’ve can I climb the
ladder good night I can’t oh is that a tree maybe we can
chop down the tree oh there’s lots of stuff here interesting things tipped
over wagon come on tree come on tree I need to kill
you God nope come on game I just want
something interesting oh wow there’s a lot of cool stuff here there’s a lot of
cool stuff what is this tea and tea I heard that’s dynamite or not okay maybe
if I shoot it can I shoot it wow that would you spun no boom and shooting that
did nothing where did my arrow go it’s all gone no man they’re expensive ah
Confederate flag how worthy of them to add that in huh yeah can I move my raft
at all you know let’s try to make a new it huh here we go okay wait where’s the
actual raft at oh there it is is there this is the same area isn’t it ok I need
to go I need to get out of here we need to go to that Island we’re just gonna
throw that out maybe I’ll catch something can I gather something can I
can i gather this bush just gonna go pull up go ahead and pull it in
is it moving it’s not moving I found my way out of the map
sort of there’s an invisible wall here though shoots so the question is can I
just use another mod he just spot anything I want
oh yes I can and clear landmarks oops that was probably a bad idea
Wow okay can we just spawn that oh whoa hey wait Caravan Island Oh Island isn’t
in the game but isn’t fully implemented correctly we can visit that in our other
one interesting oh I just oh I just bought an island I just spawned an
island this is actually kind of cool now hot dang oh is this this is Bear Island
though isn’t there there isn’t anything else in this island besides bears and
the Bears here although the sewage tank is here Oh am I gonna be injured dry up
oh yeah Pike it’d be injured oh no oh no oh that the running speed is is broken
so I just gotta just Yolo it man I think the game is broken I think the game is
broken I fly is there fly in this thing I want a seagull there you go see you go
yeah there we go don’t fly into the lava where oh where is the healing salve oh
where oh where could it be oh wait what is that Lissa dodo chicken
thing wait there’s pinecones and birch seeds hold up I didn’t know about that a
beach ball give me a beach ball I need that in my life where to go there isn’t
one is it in here no weird feel like we need more life time make more seagulls
there we go spawn a but lower them spawn a buttload
of seagulls did I do anything I don’t think so okay I spun a shark and I’m a
man bear oh no not that one oh no errors have occurred times billion
uh-oh sorry mama bear I didn’t can I inspire
good night can i unspun give me the sword give me the estimate I need this
okay if I attack you ahahaha get rekt mama bear straighten the hem
mama bears not taking any damage sorry okay you just keep making airs you know
what and mm planks Oh 200 there we go that’s better and 200 disease a couple
nails and I mean of course you have to have a hammer ha ha ha
we’re gonna make a castle we’re gonna make a desert castle if I can figure out
how interesting I can just give myself wooden walls I didn’t know that
yes build that floor underneath of the sand do your best do your best Oh hammer
of justice ha ha ha I made one of these things I forget what they’re called but
you stand on top of them Oh maybe hold up should I do another one there we go
there we go is it a rampart is that what it’s called when you go up top I think
so I like it I like it now I can just shoot all the wildebeests that are
coming in to attack me in the desert that doesn’t make any sense but I’m
going with it and it looks super cool on the outside yeah that looks even better
I love it already we’re building the best desert raft in
the history of best desert wrap high tower number two completed I really like
putting in these things on the floor oh I’m gonna starve to death pretty soon I
don’t have actually I don’t have any way to make food don’t like literally
there’s there’s no way to collect any foods or water at that matter uh trees
trees are gonna have to be the way to go then I think Oh tell me a great game
please have water in here water water what’s this one bottle of fresh water
bottle of salt water I’m gonna get two of these I don’t know why I did that
when I could just drink fresh water yeah that makes more sense doesn’t it kind of
a durp a durp sometimes ya know what happens oh the bottle disappears okay
there we go now we’re gonna grill some chicken I think that’s the wrong button
again and my chicken I mean shark and I don’t know why I grabbed the raw shark
meat when I could just spawn in regular meat so let’s do that two times 20
should be good enough for me and shove it down my mouth oh yes good job team
look at me I’m just putting the last finishing touches on here and we have
ourselves a desert fortress of this thing’s cool this thing’s really cool oh
wait we got it we got to undo some of this stuff here
Nega did I kind of wish that you could make like little ramps down but the game
is not really meant to have well floating on sand it’s meant to be
in water and actually listen to this this is kind of cool too if I go in here
and I delete one of these listen to the splash effect here we go if I jump on it sounds like ground yeah
interesting I love it so now I just need some living things now I do have you
know the water over there the food situation oh good and ready but I mean
if it’s gonna be a true desert for two we probably need to have things like
trees and stuff in here too right I remember kind of doing this um like two
years ago in the first game game came first out man I can’t talk word kind of
water about these pine cones the pine cones actually work there’s also the
birch seed I’m gonna try them I don’t think those are in the base game I like
available in the base game but we’ll see can I plant you oh I can’t interesting
huh that’s kind of cool we give them some water and let them grow that’s nice
oh yeah they’re definitely growing oh nice I’ve got it the rest of them all
watered up this place is starting to look pretty cool alright so how is this
place look at night I kind of like it oh did I forget I got forgot torches over
here whoopsies and they’re not called torches I’m sorry they’re called
something else what are they called I don’t remember
they’re called torches nope they’re called lanterns that’s why I couldn’t
find him when I search for torch aha Holly in this place it’s so cool it’s
like a little desert oasis oh yes it looks awesome at nighttime – I love it
actually I love how fast we can run and how it floats here on nothingness
supported by top of the saguaro cactus there’s just one more thing I think
would be fun what’s it called the garden garden and field dirt and I guess we use
dirt and just have to build it actually you know what let us look let us look
what it’s called and I don’t have everything unlocked in the safehouse
shoot found it grass-plot there we go and shove a battery in
loaded up with some H to the O – ah sprinkle it sprinkle it sprinkle let
sprinkle it’s break what it’s not sprinkling yes it’s freaking okay now we
need to put in a llama right or a bear oh that was probably a bad idea can only
be a spot on Islands okay so I couldn’t spawn a bear there wait what can I not
can I spot oh no I didn’t want that oh no oh no where to go what’s thinking it
is he to fight me is it gonna fight do I have to fight the big ugly now no bad
cool ok well this means war alright big ugly where are you I heard you
Oh uh-huh Oh Oh miss did hit okay he’s going down
he’s going no he’s not he’s now he’s going down he’s going down
it’s going down where to go where to go where’d he go where’d it go
hey are you going to oh wow how did you way over there ants back Oh
direct hit no can’t touch this and the long shot oh I just forgot it ready fire
I got this I got this where’d you go look it I’m catching his Rock oh we’re
gonna push it around I want to catch it hello Rock hey yay Dumbo weed we need to
go in our battle positions oh I need to go in my battle position up here I catch
the bird now you’re gonna try to steal my stuff Rocko where’d you go
you flew underneath my raft he’s cheating man she’s cheating bird where
are you where are you there yes yes oh no it’s gonna hurt so it’s a really bad
plan oh no I missed oh it’s gonna hurt ouch
I would’ve done I’m so dead thankfully I can give myself 200 healing salve haha I
can’t hit me inside your big ugly dork there you go I’ll just rub that healing
junk right on your arm that’ll always do the trick yeah just slather it on
job it’s the Battle of the desert whoa whoa I gotta okay where are you dodo oh
you missed me uh oh I was so close I really like how you can grow these by
the way I think that’s awesome did I kill it I hit it again I might got
him oh I wanted to see the killing blow I guess he is gone
nice that’s a seagull so the question is can I go rat oh we can spawn the rats in
can I get a shark Oh No Sharky bro oh poor fella it’s that it’s shark all
needy spots womp womp okay let’s see if we get a llama oh he fell over the world
okay let’s get a llama on here you should be able to live on here llama bro
llama yay I need you know what else I need I need a chicken where’s the
chicken it in chicken oh yeah oh he’s not he’s not um I got a tame a chicken
oh sorry I didn’t mean to shoot you yay I didn’t mean to carry you though I will
put you down in here and we’ll put you in here – now he’s tamed yes this is
great it’s the best day of my life so I might have made another thing in the
middle here I thought it’d be kind of fun to make his sleeping quarters
somewhere um yeah so who made a sleeping quarters up top but check this place out
like I got torches all around I got a big cool Tower here in the middle maybe
could have added some extra things on there I’m not so sure but look at this
place that night it looks so cool all glowing and everything it’s got trees
inside it’s got animals with grass I don’t have any extra food growing but I
could have done that oh look at this it is so stinking cool even when the Sun
comes up at daytime all these torches turn off oh what a cool project
what an interesting mod it wasn’t quite what I was thinking of doing today but
hey you know what it was still fun to do so thanks for watching and we’ll see you
next time

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