Why you need a torch when riding a PWC

Why you need a torch when riding a PWC

A lot of PWC operators ask us why they need
to carry a torch when they are operating during the day.
It’s pretty simple. There’s only two pieces of safety equipment.
Basic safety equipment that you need to carry on your PWC.
One is a life jacket and the other is a working waterproof buoyant torch.
Sure as hell if you break down day does turn into night and this could be the only piece
of equipment that makes the difference between you coming home or not. So it needs to work, it needs to be waterproof,
it needs to float and it needs to be bright enough to attract attention if you need it. And remember boating safety is no accident.

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  1. What are the legalities on what you deem to be "bright enough"?
    Many PWC's can not safely store a Dolphin sized torch…

  2. Hi – thanks for your question,
    It's worth investing in a quality torch with a bright beam and a long burn time. The torch isn't required to meet a specified standard for brightness, however it's worth remembering that a torch will help you raise the alarm if you are caught out.

    A Personal Locater Beacon (PLB) is a good idea too. There are many types now available and they cheaper than they used to be. You can find out more about PLBs on our website.

  3. Amending the rules to incorporate a PLB would be a better greater advantage than a torch.
    A rider who falls, unable to remount or is separated from the watercraft therefore is covered with these fantastic modern equipment. When attached or affixed to ones life jacket meet all the same operations of an EPIRB.

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