Wind Up Flashlight Nebo Product Review

Wind Up Flashlight Nebo Product Review

windup flashlight from Nebo product review stockpile flashlights for emergency and survival situations hi it’s AlaskaGranny the nebo windup flashlight is so simple and easy to use even a 3 year old can understand how to wind up the nebo rechargeable windup flashlight the flashlight is sturdy and long lasting windup flashlight no batteries or bulbs to replace 3 super bright leds windup for 1 minute & get 1 hour of bright light learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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  1. Here in Florida, we sometimes get hurricanes, but more often than not, just really powerful thunderstorms. Living in a rural area, it seems we always lose power for a while. My little boy is autistic, and terribly frightened of the storms. If the lights go out, it just makes it worse. I used to have a flashlight he could wear on a paracord necklace, but batteries became an issue. I bought him a similar wind up flashlight, and it was a hit! Not only does he have never ending light, the act of winding it gives him something to do which takes his mind off his fears. MiF

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