Winter craft: Egg carton Snowman

Winter craft: Egg carton Snowman

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer. I will show you
how to make this little snowman with egg cartons. Here is a little project
that goes well with the winter theme. For a snowman, you will need to cut four cells
of an egg carton. Begin by separating the cells with large scissors
and then trim the edges with small scissors. To create the body of the snowman,
put white glue on the edge of one cell and then glue two cells together by matching
them as closely as possible. These two cells form the ball that represents the bottom
of the snowman. Then glue a third cell on the ball to form the snowman’s face and
let dry. Draw a circle on thick cardboard and cut it out. The pattern of the circle
is available in the free document that accompanies this video. Glue the fourth cell
well centered on the cardboard circle and let dry. Now we move to the stage of painting
the different parts of the snowman. Paint the body and the head in white and let
dry. If necessary, add a second coat. Then, paint the hat in a colour of your choice.
Personally, I chose to paint the hat black. Glue the hat on the head and let dry
before you proceed to the next step. Make branches with pieces of pipe cleaner.
Start by cutting the pipe cleaner in half. Then cut each half into two uneven pieces.
You will end up with four pieces of pipe cleaner, two long and two short. Take a long
piece and a short piece, and twist the short piece around the other, closer to one
end of the long piece. Do the same with the other two pieces of pipe cleaner. Make
a hole on each side of the body of the snowman. Put a dab of hot glue in the hole
and push a branch in the hole. Do the same on the other side. Glue the googly eyes with
the glue gun. Glue a carrot made of clay or cardboard also with the glue gun. To create
the mouth of the snowman, use the back of a brush with a slender handle. Dip the
tip of the handle into the paint and then paint dots where desired. Proceed in the same
way to paint buttons in front of snowman. If desired, take a remnant of fabric and make
a scarf to put around the neck of the snowman. To access a free document with
a detailed list of materials, step by step instructions and a pattern, click the link
below the video!

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  1. Congratulations, great job, I am going to do it also, good idea to recycle those cartons, thanks a lot, regards from Costa Rica!

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    Thanks, I can do these with my grand kids.
    Jerry of Pine Meadows Hobby Farm


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