Working From Home: Don’t Allow It!

Working From Home: Don’t Allow It!

Today’s topic is working from home. if you’ve followed any of my Forbes postings,
or if you spoken to me, or if you know me,
you would probably bet that I’m not a big supporter of folks working from home. And, the reason I’m not is I think it takes
extraordinary discipline to be productive for a solid day
when you’re not in your office or at an office. I worry about people not having the right
interaction, the right face time with working with colleagues
in their environment. And in fact, there was a recent article that
IBM is bringing all their off-site employees back internally
again. So, the real question I have for you is,
if you like working from home, why? Ok, why do you like working from home? And as a company and as an owner, and as a
senior manager in a business, why would you allow folks to work from home and not be as
totally productive as they should be. Because, anyone that’s working within ten
feet of their television, ten feet of their kids playing, or ten feet of their refrigerator,
is not going to be as productive as they would be in your environment. So, the last thing I would like for you to
think about is how many people have worked from home and
have become CEOs of their company? And, I’m going to bet you the answer is that
is pretty darn slim. So, don’t work from home, make people have
the discipline, bring them into your office, hold folks accountable. Life can be good that way. Have a great day. If you want to improve profitability, you
want to grow sales, you want to make more money, you want to improve cash flow, and
ultimately as the owner of your business, you want to have better control, and a better
quality of life for yourself, you don’t want to be the glue in the middle of everything,
you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You want to enjoy what you’ve created, you
might want to check us out. American Management Services, feel free to
call, feel free to email, American Management Services, we make people’s lives better.

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  1. I have to disagree. My office downsized our space and now we are on top of each other. My productivity has dropped due to constant noise and distractions. On the 1 day I was "allowed" to WFH I get more work done, can concentrate better and work longer by 2 to 3 hours.

    This old way of butts in the chair thinking needs to die. It's time to evolve and allow humans a better way of life while still being productive. Hopefully when your generation retires we can finally get rid of useless draconian rules that help no one. They only serve to ease the mind of the old man in charge.

  2. This guy is nuts and ideas are antiquated. I work from home and have been promoted 4 times over the course. This is an absolute joke. Its 2017 and you need to evolve your ideas to fit the future. I understand that suit you're wearing is from 1989 but your business ideas shouldn't be. #youreajoke #keepyourbadadvicetoyourself #updateyourwardrobe

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